Every day more and more people are choosing to start private tuition. This is for all sorts of reasons, from learning a new skill to passing an exam at school.

However, there are many people that are considering paying for home or online tutoring, but are unsure as to whether it’s worth taking the plunge. Factors like price, time and travel can all impact people’s choices, leaving them sitting on the fence.

With the right kind of tutoring, and a real motivation to learn, there is no reason why private tuition shouldn’t be a long-term solution. If both parties can put in the time and effort, you will be on your way to academic success.

Tutoring can help students thrive at school and prepare for exams. Source: Visualhunt

If, for example, you receive tutoring for your upcoming maths GCSE exam, you can use your personal tutoring to a massive advantage, and you will most likely come out with a much better grade than if you had no tutoring whatsoever.

In the same way, having personal lessons in French in the run up to your A-Level oral exam will prepare you in a way that you can't really find in the classroom, because teachers simply can't provide the one-to-one attention that a private tutor can.

But exams are often short-term issues. Once they're over, students might decide that that's enough, and they can go ahead and forget everything now!

In this respect, tutoring as a long-term solution and a guarantee of success for the future relies heavily on how much time a student is willing to put in, and how long they can afford to pay for.

It does very much depend on student motivation as to whether private tutorials can be a long-term success. If a student is willing to learn, and perhaps change their attitude to certain subjects or alleviate a mental block, then home tutoring is a recipe for great accomplishments.

But we can’t ignore the issue of money. Tutoring is a very competitive market and can get quite costly – especially if you want an experienced and skilled teacher. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth paying for and investing in your education.

Long-term success is ideal when students plan to carry a subject forward to post-16 study or to university. Tutoring at earlier ages can therefore ignite the confidence and open-mindedness needed to continue with study and achieve success in the future.

It is your tutor's job to provide private tuition to a standard that will not only get you through your courses and exams, but also to inspire a new interest, or cultivate a skill.

You might be bogged down with your biology homework, or trying to get your head around history – if your tutor can encourage interest and excitement towards a subject that you find challenging, this will help to maintain these feelings on a long-term basis, and will allow for success in the future too.

It is becoming more and more common for parents to hire private tutors for their children – sometimes for multiple subjects too. So we can see that people are willing to put the money in and invest in their child’s education, now more than ever before.

This says quite a lot about the national education system in the UK. The demand for tutors UK is at an all-time high, and students are becoming more aware that they have potential that is not always being fulfilled in the classroom.

It is only natural, then, that parents and students are seeking home tuition in order to fill in the gaps that national education doesn’t seem to be tending to. It could be as simple as a child falling behind in maths and struggling to catch up again, or just a general lack of support in a tricky subject.

The classroom can be a challenging atmosphere for many students. Source: Visualhunt

With classrooms becoming more heavily populated, and teachers having more to manage in their job roles, it's nearly impossible for each child to receive the individual care and attention they need in order to get the best grades possible.

This is exactly why school children, particularly of secondary school age, are struggling to keep up if they fall behind, and feel they need extra help outside of school in order to thrive, and sometimes just to tread water.

For some people, tutoring is a short-term solution to simply pass an exam or complete a piece of coursework. But for many, it is about cultivating skills and building up knowledge that will have long-term, positive effects.

Students ideally need a long-term solution to their academic struggles, and with subjects they find particularly challenging. For many pupils of younger ages, these are subjects that they have to continue with for a few more years, so the goal of private tutoring is usually not just a short-term fix, but an investment in a student's future.

Be sure to think about your child's safety when employing a tutor for home tuition or online tutoring.

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So Can It Actually Guarantee Academic Success?

There’s no sure-fire way to guarantee success in study or exams. But it is easy to see how much private tutoring can benefit a student’s results when the right amount of time and effort is put in.

There are many things a private tutor can provide that can’t be offered by the national education system, and that will improve a student’s academic progress, such as:

  • One-on-one attention and support
  • Improving a student’s attitude towards a challenging subject
  • Improving confidence and self-esteem
  • Creating a relaxed and positive learning environment
  • Encouraging the student to ask questions and speak up
  • Individualised preparation for exams and applications

So as you can see, there are so many perks and benefits to having a private tutor, whether it’s online via video chat or in person.

Expensive as home tutors can be, it’s something that does need to be considered when the national education system isn’t doing enough for the individual student’s needs. Only the few can afford private education, so there are many students struggling in the state system who need more personalised help.

Private tuition, though pricey, can offer some of the perks of private education at a fraction of the cost - something to consider for your child’s education in the long-term.

Students don’t all learn the same way. When a state school classroom has on average 30 children in it, it’s impossible for each child to get the attention and personalised teaching that they need to succeed.

For this reason alone, paying for home tutoring means your child can receive the teaching they need at the pace that works best for them. This is the foundation for building up a great knowledge and academic confidence which will continue to develop over time.

There are so many situations where private tutoring is beneficial to a student’s education. For starters, it’s a great way of helping shy children open up and become more confident with their school work. They might be falling behind in class because they are outshone by other students, or because they are too scared to speak up.

The most notable recent growth in the private tutoring industry is in primary education. Parents seem to be recognising where their children are struggling at school, and are actively investing in the future of their education by getting extra help early on.

One to one tuition can therefore help students with their confidence and self-esteem on a long-term basis, so it’s often worth investing in – especially at an early age - to combat nerves and anxiety towards school and the classroom environment.

For students that are already doing well at school, private tutoring can ensure that the student is prepared for their exams and fine-tune the smaller details that could mean the difference between the upper grade boundaries.

For students applying for entrance exams or for university, tutoring can be a worthwhile investment for their further education and academic career, which many students and parents feel is worth spending the money on as it will have a big pay-off later on in life.

Tutoring from a younger age can improve understanding and confidence. Source: Visualhunt

If you are looking to learn a new language, or need to improve one you’re already studying, then one-on-one tutoring is really worth considering. Having private teaching from a native speaker who can give you the right attention and support is not easy to find in a group or class - so tutoring can be the best value for your money!

Make sure you are opting for private tutoring for the right reasons. Cramming in an hour or two with a tutor right before an exam is probably not going to help you succeed, and certainly won’t guarantee you any long-term solutions.

If you are going to invest in a private tutor, it’s worth making it as regular as possible to really get the most out of this opportunity. A monthly meeting will not be enough – you should aim for weekly sessions if you can, and fortnightly at a push.

That's not all! Go further in discovering the positive and negative aspects of tutoring...

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