The fashion world is a big space that is ever ready to accommodate more and more students that are ready to learn how to sew. If you have the passion and creativity needed in sewing, there are thousands of places available for you to learn sewing - you can decide to go to a sewing school or employ the services of a private teacher to take you sewing courses.

It doesn't matter whether you are a kid or an adult, a male or a female, taking sewing lessons is open to everybody. You can either decide to become a professional fashion designer or just simply learning the skills for the sake of your family. Whichever option you choose, becoming an expert in tailoring requires that you get knowledge from those who have been in the field for some time.

Having talked about sewing and who can learn the skill, it is important to also look at how to get the best sewing teacher with ample experience to teach you how to sew.

In this article, you will learn how to choose the best sewing tutor and other important aspects of mastering the art of fashion designing.

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Find the best tutor for your sewing project

Getting the right sewing instructor that meets your learning specification is key to getting the most out of your training. Since fashion design is broad, you may want to define what you really want to learn and look for the perfect teacher for that aspect. For example, some fashion schools are professionals when it comes to African or native wears, others may specialize in just male wears, while some can be into native wears, English wears, male and female wears. So you have to be sure which area you want to venture into and find the best teacher to teach you on that.

Sewing Classes Near Me
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There are three types of learning when it comes to taking a fashion design course. Below are the stages:

  • The Beginner Stage: These are the people that have no prior (or very little) knowledge in sewing. They probably have no idea what it means to sit on a sewing machine or cut a piece of fabric. As a beginner, you need to get yourself acquainted with the basic things in sewing (pattern drafting, fashion illustration, cutting a piece of fabric, etc.) before moving to the next stage. as a beginner, it usually takes from 6 months to a year to master the basics of fashion - although the learning process may differ from person to person.
  • The Intermediate level: For this set of people, sewing is not new to them. They probably must have gone through the beginners' stage and may have done some projects for customers. However, the intermediate folks know that there are still more to be learned in the fashion world if they truly want to excel in business. The duration of learning for an intermediate fashion designer is usually shorter than that of a beginner because he (an intermediate learner) is already familiar with most of the things in the fashion world.
  • Advanced Learner: No matter how good you are in your profession, there is always a thing to add to your knowledge. As an advanced fashion designer, you may decide to venture into a new area of sewing and will require the tutelage of an instructor to guide you. The time spent in learning at this stage is usually shorter than the other two levels above.

Getting a professional tutor with some years of experience

When it comes to attending sewing classes, the experience of the teacher matters greatly. However, there are fashion designers that have not spent up to 6 years in the field but are doing well for themselves. For those with such a qualification, below are the things they can actually handle squarely:

  • Sewing
  • The teaching of beginners and some intermediate students

With a 6-year experience, a tailor should have worked with a fashion school in the past and should be able to guide students who are interested in sewing. So if you are in search of a basic sewing workshop or sewing course, these set of trainers have the right qualifications to give you what you need to know. However, when it comes to taking intermediate-advanced courses, a sewer with less than 6 years of experience may not be suitable for such roles.

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Sewing Tutor in Nigeria
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Fashion designers with an ample amount of experience

There are universities and colleges in Nigeria that teach fashion design as a course. Schools like Ibadan Polytechnic, Auchi Polytechnic, UNIABUJA, etc. all offer fashion design course and award students with a degree. For anyone to be qualified to teach fashion designs in any of these schools, attending a private fashion school will not be enough. You must have a degree and other advanced certifications to be qualified to lecture in a University or Polytechnic.

Also, there are hundreds of fashion schools located in different parts of Nigeria. If you live in Lagos, there are good fashion schools you can attend to gain experience on how to sew. Likewise Port-Harcourt, you can get a good fashion house to learn the art of sewing. Attending a fashion school is not free of charge - you have to pay some money before you can get access to the training. How much you pay is dependent on factors such as the duration of the training, where the fashion school is located (fashion schools that are located in the cities are more expensive), the experience of the teacher, and teaching techniques.

If you must attend a fashion school, you should make a research about the school to know if they are experienced enough to handle students. You can try to contact one of their students and ask some questions. Better still, you can even walk down to the school to make enquiries from the management of the place. Since an average fashion house in Nigeria charges between 150,000 NGN and 350,000 NGN, you may want to do a diligent search so that you don't end up wasting your money. The next question now is, how do I find sewing classes near me? There should be one or two sewing centres around you or you can ask friends and family if you can't locate one. You can even make use of Google and type things like "where to take sewing lessons + your city/town".

online sewing lesson vs private teaching

Find an experienced private sewing teacher to teach you all you need to know in fashion

Whether you live in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, or any other city in Nigeria, you can get a private teacher to learn sewing. From studies that were conducted some time ago, it was discovered that students find it easier to learn faster from a private teacher. Now, since we are talking about getting the best tutor for your sewing tutorials, you must be careful when choosing a private tutor. Whether it is private online sewing classes or face-to-face learning, experience and pattern of teaching is key to choosing a teacher. You wouldn't want to learn from a teacher whose teaching techniques are archaic and difficult to follow, neither would you want to work with one that has very little experience in the fashion world.

Sewing Tutorials in Nigeria
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If experience and teaching method are two major keys to selecting a private teacher, how then can one get a trainer that has these qualities? 

The internet offers great help in finding most of the things that are of concern to us. You can learn to sew by finding reputable sewing tutors on websites such as Superprof. Why is Superprof a good place to find a fashion designer? Every tutor on Superprof went through scrutiny before being allowed to teach on the platform. No matter your location in Nigeria, you can easily find and connect with a teacher and start your fashion designing course today.

With Superprof, your first one hour of learning is totally free. The free one hour is to give you a clue of what to expect if you fully subscribe to the course. Peradventure you are not pleased with the free class, there are a dozen of other tutors that have the best qualifications to meet your specifications and most of them offer a free first lesson as well, with no commitment.

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Now that you know how to find a perfect sewing teacher

Whether you are going with the option of attending a fashion school or getting a private tutor, the time for you to start your training is now. Get your sewing machine and garment and start making your own clothing designs today. There is more to be achieved in the fashion world if you are truly creative and have passion for it. Even if you are not planning to go into fashion professionally, you can decide to take a basic lesson and learn the basics in fashion. Start your class today and enjoy the world of creativity.

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