If you don't have experience sewing, start with that, because that will inform what you are able to design. - Tim Gunn

Having the right sewing supplies does not automatically make learning how to sew easy. That is a wrong perception. Honestly, when you watch others do something, it can sometimes appear easier than it is till you try it yourself and realise practising is what will make perfect.

When you are faced with a sewing project like mending an old outfit or converting it to a new design, hemming a garment, trying to sew a child's dress then sewing might suddenly not look simple anymore.

As a Beginner, sewing lessons are a great help to learn how to sew. It will help you to overcome the challenges that come with choosing the right fabric, the right sewing tools you will need, taking measurements, how to pin your sewing patterns on fabrics, drafting a pattern according to the project design, how to cut and of course how to sew with a sewing machine.

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Sewing is no longer even considered a hobby or an opportunity to cloth yourself. It has now become a profession. A lot of people learn how to sew to make a career out of it and also to make money.

Learning how to sew will bring out the creative side in you, allow you to set your own trend, help you recycle and mend your old garments instead of throwing them away. Fashion design is fast rising in Nigeria and even a lot of young and old people, even graduates are interested in doing it.

A tailors treasure box includes a measuring tape, needles, sewing pins, threads, scissors, seam rippers, chalk for markings and a tracing wheel. The question is do you really need all of this or the others included in her treasure box? Continue reading to discover some of the sewing supplies you will need as a beginner to learn how to sew.

Why Do You Need To Buy A Sewing Kit

To complete your sewing project, a sewing kit can appear catchy for several reasons:

1. You Have Zero-Knowledge About Sewing

When you are learning how to sew, you obviously might not know how to use a sewing machine, draft patterns nor how to cut it, how to trace or use a tailors chalk/pen, hem a garment, pleat or even gather a fabric. So definitely adequate knowledge will be lacked on what should be inside your sewing box.

As a Beginner in Nigeria, you might be scared of embarking on a new project like sewing a completely new outfit from scratch because of the fear of making a mistake. Which will cost you losing your fabric and probably feel like time wasted also.

Learn how to sew with the right sewing kit
Don't risk wasting your fabric and time as a starter, instead just try a project sewing kit to make it easier for you. Source: Unsplash

Starter Kits are ideal for learning how to sew easily because they contain the sewing supplies like buttonholes, zippers, measuring tape, threads, etc that will let you customise what you want.

2. Scared Of Wastage

The possibility of you buying a lot of sewing supplies is very high when you want to embark on a project. Once you have completed the project is when you realise some of the sewing supplies were not necessary and it will be more painful if you find out that sewing is not for you.

3. Need A Gift Idea

Some sewing project kits are good for making some outfits for yourself and to make lovely gift items like baby clothes. These types of sewing kits already have the fabric pre-cut in the right pattern with sewing allowances. All the major work is already being done and all you have to do is assemble it. It is very good for the beginner's stage and people not so advanced in sewing, or you quickly want to sew something without having to do the work from the scratch.

4. You want to learn to sew on yourself

Sewing project kits for beginners makes sewing quick and easy, especially with the guidelines usually included in them. It is a great idea for those looking for gift ideas or who want to just sew something new or recycle an old fabric. You can find sewing ideas like the below under sewing projects for beginners.

  • Free sewing patterns
  • how to sew a simple skirt
  • how to sew a maxi dress
  • how to sew a cushion
  • how to sew a simple dress
  • how to sew simple baby clothes

What Can Be Found In A Beginners Sewing Kit

You will most likely find the below when you search for sewing kits online

  • The small boxes with basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing projects with everything you need to get started

Basic Kits

A basic sewing kit will just have what you will need for your basic sewing projects. The small ones are small and very portable. It is usually used to mend tears and sewing buttons. Some household will have a very small sewing kit. The larger ones are enough to sew some outfits, skirts, baby clothes, etc.

The middle-sized ones usually contain

  • Thread
  • A pair of scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • buttons
  • safety pins
  • Tailor's chalk and so on
  • Measuring tape

What you need to mend your clothing, sew a button, hem your skirt or trousers or customise your projects can be found in your starter kit. This video explains what you need to know about the sewing kit for starters.

buy starters kit for sewing in Lagos
Starters kit for sewing are usually small in size and contain all you will need as a beginner. Source: VisualHunt

The beginners sewing kit usually cost between ₦1,500 and ₦6,000 and can be found on online platforms in Nigeria like Jiji, Konga, Jumia and the likes.

Sewing Project Kit

These kits are usually put together by professional fashion designers and tailors because they know exactly what you will need to complete a project from experience. This is why many fashion houses, schools and private tutor have their customised sewing project kit they sell out to their students or clients interested in learning how to sew.

Some of the below items are what you might find in the kit:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Fabric (usually Calicos for practising)
  • Sewing machine needles
  • seam ripper
  • tracing wheel
  • scissors
  • threads
  • Tailor's chalk or pen
  • Needle threader

There are different types of beginners sewing kits out there especially if it is being customised by the different professionals out there. Age group is also a determinant of what might be in a starters kit.

Sewing Kit For Different Categories

Many Parents in Nigeria & the world now encourage their children to start sewing from a young age and that's why there are starter kits for children. With the right kit, the child will be able to make stuffed animals, clothing for their toys and little gift items for their parents.

These type of kits are good for teaching children how to sew from a tender age and easily. The passion for sewing will be developed and help them become better as they grow up if they are interested in that line. The starters kit for children comes in different shapes, colours, sizes and even with cartoon characters to arouse their interest. The scissors or needles inside are usually small and not too sharp to protect the children.

Children's starters kit in Nigeria
Children can learn how to sew from their tender age. Source: Unsplash

As they grow older, sewing can be more than just sewing stuffed animals and clothes for their dolls. It can now develop into them desiring to sew simple dresses for themselves. There are complete sewing projects for girls dresses with instructions, pre-cut fabrics, buttons, beads a parent can get for their children interested in learning how to sew.

Sewing Kits According To The various Skill Levels

Sewing kits can be sectioned into the below skill levels:

  • Very easy: The kit is designed only to be used for the straight line or zigzag stitch on your sewing machine.
  • Easy: You should know how to use the sewing machine, meaning you already know the basics of how to sew.
  • Intermediate: This is a level of advancement beyond operating the sewing machine. At this stage, you should already be knowing how the sewing pattern works.
  • Advanced: You should already be getting comfortable in sewing complex styles and designs. You should also know how to assemble curved lines and do straight borders.
  • Difficult: This kit is designed for experienced tailors and professionals in sewing.
Where to purchase project sewing kit Lagos, Abuja, Rivers, Kano
All the items needed to complete a sewing project is included in the sewing project kit. Source: Unsplash

An advanced sewing kit will involve how to draft a sewing pattern and how to cut it. You must have learnt the basics of sewing before you can use an advanced kit. It also requires that you know how to handle and use a sewing machine properly.

An easy Kit is a starters kit and you don't need to know how to draft a pattern but should know how to topstitch, sew straight and zigzag lines. There is also a step by step instruction on how you can complete your beginner sewing project.

Don't be afraid to start learning how to sew. Sewing is easy and interesting with the right tutor, sewing equipment, sewing kit and of course a good sewing machine. You can contact any of our sewing tutors teachers at Superporf if you are interested in learning how to sew. We have tutors available near you in all Nigerian states.

99% of our tutors offer a first free class after you have contacted them and decided your area of interest for assessment purposes, which helps you make an informed decision. The teachers are professionals and will gladly have you on board to help you achieve your fashion design and sewing dream.


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