Less than a decade ago, the idea of tech was almost non-existent. Fast forward to 2021, and tech jobs are one of the most sought after, well-paying professions in Nigeria, and the world. In particular, many people are taking on programming classes because of the many job opportunities it presents.

Since coding is becoming increasingly important, taking computer programming courses is a sure way to dive into the new wave of technological professions. In that case, you must be interested in knowing the places you can take programming classes in Nigeria. But first, let's learn what programming is.

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What is Computer Programming?

If you're a beginner, you may be unfamiliar with coding terminologies. Simply put, computer programming is a way of telling computers what to do next. These instructions are referred to, as coding and you'll need to learn programming languages to know how to code properly. There are over 650 coding languages, however, according to Tiobe Index, only 50 languages are in common use today.

Some of them include Javascript, Python and  Java. There are many misconceptions that HTML and CSS are languages. However, HTML and CSS are used to add context and structure. Also, as you continue your research and learning, you'll get to discover that you can learn coding languages without knowing HTML and CSS.

In any case, knowing where to find the right coding tutorials is an important factor in your programming journey. Technically, with the right education, your development in this part of computing gets better on time.

Where To Find Programming Classes in Nigeria

Whether you're taking computer programming courses for beginners, or you're more akin to online computer programming courses, you must learn programming the right way. This way, you can rest assured that the development of your learning doesn't waver.

One of the most common places to get computer training is the university. In Nigeria, many universities offer Computer science courses, and with the theoretical knowledge you have gained from the university, you can use it to advance your learning.

However, not a lot of people can learn programming at the university, especially because the requirements may not be favourable to many intending students. In that case, don't fret. Of course, outside of the university, you can still take computer programing classes. Here are some reputable platforms that offer programming courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced-level students:

Learn how to Code with Superprof

Computer science as a course can easily become difficult if you, unfortunately, get the wrong form of education. As a prerequisite, you're expected to have enough time to learn python, Java, Javascript and other programming languages. Thus, you would want to take your introduction or advanced classes on a credible platform that offers the best programming courses. This is where Superprof comes in . . .

Superprof is a platform that offers private tutorials for students interested in learning academic and non-academic courses. In terms of credibility, Superprof offers tutorials in over 30 countries with over 1.5 million tutors.

If you'd like to learn about how HTML or CSS works, you can hire a teacher who can either come to any physical location for face to face classes or have him/her teach you online. Superprof has a range of instructors who can offer computing tutorials for every level; 95% of its teachers also offer to teach you for free in your first class.

Out of the many programming languages that exist today, only 50 is currently in use. Photo Credit: Freepik - Stories

How To Find A Programming Tutor For Your Level on Superprof

To begin, go to superprof.ng and type computer programming or any programming language you'd like to learn along with your location on the search button. You'll have access to more information that you can click on, like your level, and the rate required for students at different levels.

You'll also be able to check their profiles and decide whether they fit your learning level before you choose to hire them. You'll also get to see reviews made by former learners, and this can serve as a guide to deciding whether to choose their class or someone else's.

What is the Cost of A Computing Class on Superprof?

Whether your coding language interest is Java, Javascript, python, etc, you can start a class with at least ₦2,000 per hour. Depending on how you'd like to start learning, you could opt for an online class or a face-to-face class with your teacher.

Keep in mind that coding tutors differ. If you're looking for an HTML or CSS class you wouldn't want to hire an instructor whose profile states that he/she majors only on training learners interested in javascript or python.

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Learn Coding, Software Design at Semicolon

Located at Yaba Lagos, Semicolon offer coding courses for interested learners. They train students on a wide range of coding courses such as Html, CSS, Javascript, Java, Python, software development, UI/UX design amongst other computing courses which are summed up in one package.

If you enjoy having a community while learning, then Semicolon is the right place for you. Whether you're a beginner or you're interested in the advanced class, each coding class is a group session and you get to meet like minds.

Just like studying masters at the university, you'll be required to take your computing development courses for a year. After a year of learning, you could decide to pursue a career as a software or web developer or choose a design career.

To take Python, Java, HTML, Javascript and other computer science courses at Semicolon, your tuition ranges from at least ₦1,000,000, which covers accommodation as well.

Learn To Code With Utiva Nigeria

Still, on group sessions, Utiva offers computing courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. You get to discover how data works, what languages like Python and Javascript do when in use, design and much more. They offer programmes such as data analysis, design, AI, and of course coding. They are located in Ikeja Lagos.

Explore Data and Web Development With MOOCs

If you don't enjoy taking your data or web course with a group of people, and you don't enjoy using the services of a private instructor, then you should consider MOOCs. A Platform like Coursera, for instance, offers Data and web courses. Technically, if you want to know how HTML works or how Python language is used to make commands, you'll find a course on the platform.

Of course, it is an online platform and you can learn in your time and at your pace. Whether you're taking a web development course,  data analysis or your interest is simply to learn how to code, you must have done your research. Mooc platforms (such as Coursera, Linkedin learning etc,) have a wide range of science courses online. So, if you haven't done enough research, you may get overwhelmed.

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Learn to Code With Python on NIIT Platform

NIIT is located in Lagos, at Wuse 2, Abuja and in Woji, Port Harcourt. Just like the aforementioned places, they offer a wide range of computer science courses. After you have completed your course, you get a professional diploma certification in that course. Here's a list of some of the courses offered at NIIT:

  • Software Engineering
  • Web development
  • Python
  • Web designing
  • Data Analytics
  • Java

Improve Your Python Skills With Parach Computers

Parach Computers is located in Orogun Junction, Ibadan. Here, you can learn programming, data analysis, graphic designing, web designing, amongst others. Many of the subjects are offered in group sessions. Thus, you can have a community of like minds who can help make your programming journey seamless.

One thing to note is that computer technology training isn't so easy. However, having the right training can help cushion your introduction phase. Whatever you do, ensure that your starting stages are with good trainers.

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