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The Best Places to Study Law Around the World

Where are the Top Law Universities in the World? Law is said to be one of the most prominent courses anyone can study across the globe. It is of national and international value at every level. We live in a world where virtually every human activity is governed by law. These laws can sometimes present […]

31 May 20217 minutes to read

becoming a nigerian lawyer

Becoming A Professional Nigerian Lawyer

All You Need To Know On How To Become A Lawyer In Nigeria Law has always been a revered course in Nigeria, more often than not, parents are excited about the possibility of having a professional lawyer in the family. Students who have good communication skills and are great at defending others with facts can […]

28 July 20207 minutes to read

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Law Revision Resources

Getting Prepared For Law Revision... Yes, It's Time! Just when you think you can sit back and relax after having found out your GCSE grades over the summer, you're back to college and having your education ethics tested... straight into discussions about your mocks, the final A-Level exams and university courses! Yet, regardless of whether […]

4 October 20187 minutes to read

You may choose to practice international law once you earn your degree

Law 101

Law 101: Everything You Need to Know about Law Basics So you’re considering law school, are you? You’re anticipating decent scores on your A Levels and casting about for the best undergraduate programme that will grant you access to the finest schools of law in our country? Or perhaps you are undecided whether to train […]

24 September 20187 minutes to read

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