“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

— Dorothea Lange

Do you have a new or old camera lying around somewhere in your bedroom, or you have one you kept in the store many years ago that you are doing nothing with? It might even be a gift you got from a family friend as a birthday or Christmas gift,  but you have not concluded what to do with it.

It's time now to pick up the camera and try to put it into use if you love to capture a glimpse of your everyday moment. This could be you capturing a beautiful child sleeping or a group of animals playing. It's time to sharpen your artistic skills and refine your passion through photography courses.

The business of photography is a fun and interactive hobby and venture that anyone can get involved with. You might need to own a new or old camera to commence the job of photography. This is because the possession of a camera is the most vital equipment needed as a photographer.

How to use the camera can be learned from different platforms. Some of those platforms will teach you for free, while some of them might charge a teeny weeny fee. Therefore, if you aspire to become a photojournalist or wildlife photographer, attending photography classes or getting a degree in photography can be your first step on the photography career path.

Different public and private institutions in Nigeria offer different photography classes for their students in different aspects of photography.  Some of these photography courses involve the award of a diploma or degree in photography.

As with the degree programs, the students are expected to learn the basics of photography and the art and science of advanced photography.  Most photography schools in Nigeria also teach the business aspect of the course. Ensure that the school certificate and diploma programs are fully accredited before registering for their program. Some of the courses offered in most of these schools in Nigeria includes

  • History of photography
  • The practice of 21st-century professional photography
  • Culture of photography
  • Applied arts
  • Photography training for artistic ventures
  • Camera hardware and technology
  • Visual communication systems
  • Computer graphics and digital images

At the end of the photography classes, the students are expected to present a photography project work or thesis. Some areas that can be covered in the project work may include the use of infinity cove, the right ways of directing models and ways of drawing the right comparison between digital and analogue photography.

For individuals with a passion for night photography and wildlife photography, you might focus or write on shutter speed, lighting techniques, apertures, and exposure needed for these specialized snaps. To successfully graduate from photography schools in Nigeria, you must show theoretical and practical knowledge in different photography areas.

Abisola Ijalana - a professional Nigeria Photographer. Source: iStock Image

Selecting an Area of Specialty for Photography schools in Nigeria

Buying a Nikon doesn't make you a photographer. It makes you a Nikon owner.

Author Unknown

Some of us were born photographers, while photography was placed on others' shoulders due to lack of job in the country or conviction from friends and family. Notwithstanding the reasons for becoming a photographer, the question is, which area of photography are you heading to?

There are different aspects of photography that one can specialize in if you intend to go full blast into this field and become a professional. Here are some of the areas you can consider if you want to specialize in the different niches of photography.

  • Nature photography
  • Wildlife/animal photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Studio photography
  • Architectural photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Still life
  • Fashion photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Action photography
  • Macro photography
  • Events photography
  • Photojournalism

Other sub-speciality that one can also specialize in includes group photography and baby photography. In selecting a niche, we recommend that you read up more about these photography areas and seek the professional guidance of renowned and more established photographers in your area. This advice and information will help you assess your ability and aptitude for the different photography niches that you will wish to learn.

But remember that nothing stops you from knowing other photography areas while you are learning or specializing in the niche you intend to invest your time and money in. You can also learn about other areas as a hubby at your pastime.

Studio photographer
Learning to become a studio photographer in Nigeria. Source: Pinterest image

Schools where you can learn Photography in Nigeria

As a powerful medium of expression and communications, photography offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation, and execution.

Ansel Adams

Different schools and institutes exist today in Nigeria, where one can learn the art and intricacies of photography. A number of these schools offer private classes to individuals who seek to learn individually, while others offer group sessions. These institutes or school of photography offers both basic & advance courses that allow you to learn all you need to know about digital and analogue photography.

Some of the basic courses you are expected to learn include how to use a professional digital camera (shutter speed, ISO, aperture, taking shots, etc.), introduction to editing, etc. while some of the advanced courses that you are expected to learn include advance Photoshop editing (using layer & channels, whiten eyes and teeth, selecting strands of hair, installing and using brushes & plugins). Some of these schools include

  • National film institute of Nigeria
  • Tonydoo Visual Photography
  • LOSGIDDY Media
  • EloPhotos Studios And Academy
  • DjArmyFirst Photography School
  • Hitlab Academy
  • VGD Multimedia Training Institute

In selecting a photography school in Nigeria, location is a major thing to consider before enrolling. Living in Lagos, for example, offers you the choice of different schools where you can learn and earn a degree in photography. You can also learn photography via the private tutor's route both locally or online. Superprof has a large database of experienced, professional photography tutors offering photography training in all parts of Nigeria.

Photography Courses Online

The art of photography can be learned both physically and via the online route. Most people have this misconception that online lessons are reserved for academic subjects like Economics, Chemistry, or Languages such as French and Spanish. With the help of technology and development, one can learn almost everything online.

With this knowledge, most reputable photography schools and institutes in Nigeria and around the world are now integrating the online learning route into their syllabus. Private photography tutors also offer online classes for their students via video conferencing applications such as Facetimes, Skype, Zoom, and others. These online classes are ideal for busy students that are either working or fully engaged in other activities but interested in learning the art of photography.

The restriction that comes with location, also makes one go through this route when learning photography. Most of the photography schools in Nigeria are located in big cities such as Lagos, Abuja, and Port-Harcourt. This makes it quite difficult for most persons wishing to learn from these certified and accredited centres to be left out.

With the online route, there can now get fully involved with the lectures and practical. If you intend to follow this route, it's important to do a quick search of accredited schools within your locality that suits your needs and budget.

Photography online
Learning the art of photography online. Source: Shutterstock Image

What Next after Certification

Now that you are fully certified and trained as a professional photographer, the next question to ask yourself is, what next should I do to gain the needed exposure and popularity in the market? With the needed certification and training from these schools, your prospects in the field of photography will be quite lucrative and exciting.

With this certification and diploma in your hand, you can gain employment with any big or reputable photography organizations in Nigeria or a stimulating career in photography.  Some of the career choices that are opened to you as a certified photographer includes

  • General photography: Freelancing photographer, assistant photographer, Photo studio photographer, animal photographer, post-production professional.
  • Artist: Creating and exhibiting stunning images in galleries
  • Fashion: Models management, image editing, and post-processing
  • Audiovisual: Image professional, vision engineer, production assistant, production manager, and director of the photograph

A Professional Wedding Photographer - Obi Somto. Source: Pinterest Image

A Recap on Studying Photography Courses

Even the best graphic artists and photographers started as a beginner before learning how to enhance their shots digitally to become world-class. Enrolling in a reputable photography school in Nigeria or any other professional school around the world gives you a head-start in the community of professional photographers.

With a mention of graphic art studies on your transcript after graduation, you will be a hot cake in the labour market as most professional photographers will love to have you on their payroll. More so, going through a formal educational setting will allow you to build a network of support and opportunity of meeting and learning under professionals in the field of photography during workshops or field studies.

Having a professional certification also gives you the chance to become a photography teacher in any institution around. You can also be opportune to host your personal workshops in your studios where you can teach newbies and other professionals wishing to step-up their game.

No matter your skills presently, attending formal education in the field of photography is certainly the right way to go in the area of photojournalism, commercial photography, natural photography, and other niches.

Happy learning

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