There is always anxiety and stress associated with preparing for a job interview. If you are going for your first interview ever, the stress level is usually higher than the subsequent interviews.

You start thinking, what dress would be suitable for the interview? What sort of questions should I expect from my interviewer, what gestures would best show how confident I am? etc. All these questions tend to saturate the mind, which eventually results in stress and anxiety.

In Nigeria today, employment opportunities are so scarce and people are ready to sacrifice anything just to get a job in a reputable organization. To be honest with you, there is strong competition out there when it comes to securing a job and working for a reputable company. Before you can do exceptionally well in a job interview, you need to find a way that will help you reduce stress and anxiety that comes with a recruitment process.

Without wasting too much of your time, We have put together some tips that will help you reduce stress before a job interview.

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Reduce Stress from Job Interview
Stress is a major factor that can affect your interview negatively | Photo Credit: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Have a picture of the job interview in your mind

The first tip that will help you reduce stress before a job interview is by visualizing the interview in your mind. Look for a quiet place and take out some time to meditate on it. Think about the possible questions your recruiter might ask, imagine the beautiful smiles you will put on while greeting your interviewers, and visualize the firm handshake you will share with your recruiters. Once you can do all these, you would notice a huge sense of relief within you and you will feel relaxed before the interview.

Recruiters always take into account gestures and body languages from interviewees. You can as well picture and rehearse all the gestures you would like to display during your interview. Doing all these would help your nerves to calm down and in turn, increase your optimistic level about acing the interview.

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Talk to yourself by asking some questions

It is very normal for anxiety to set in before a job interview. In fact, if you claim not to be stressed at all, then bravo you've been able to accomplish a feat impossible to most humans. But If you notice any form of anxiety before your interview, know that you are not alone in interview fright.

Now, if you agree with me that there is usually a degree of anxiety, ask yourself what could be the cause of the worry. No doubt, the interviewer has the power to offer you that your dream job, but if you are too scared to face him and answer every question with boldness, the opportunity of getting the job may elude you. Below are some questions to ask and answer by yourself that will help you calm your nerves to a reasonable extent:

  • Is my resume good enough for this job?
  • Will I still ever get a job if I don't do well in this interview?
  • What if the interviewer comes too harsh on me, how would I react to it?
  • Do I have the right qualifications to secure the job?

If you can ask yourself these questions and are able to answer them in your mind, you would be surprised by the kind of relief you will feel afterwards. This tip works like magic and it will do the same for you if you try it.

Analyze your strength and weaknesses

The fact that you have attended numerous interviews doesn't eliminate the stress factor associated with interviews. Even top professionals still have some level of stress before an interview.

For you to have been called for an interview, it means that the recruiter has gone through your resume and he thinks you could fill-up the position you applied for. What is left for you is to go prove your worth on the interview day and the interviewer will be able to access your personality. This is the time for you to know your strength and weaknesses because everything will be analyzed by the interviewer.

If possible, make a list of your strength and weaknesses and try to be as honest as possible with your answers. Remember, recruiters are humans like you and their job is just to assess you to see if you are the best fit for the position. Everybody has weaknesses, but you should be able to present it in a way that won't make you look too bad for the position applied for.

Tips to Reduce Stress Before a Job Interview
Stay positive and optimistic prior to your job interview | Photo Credit: Atul Choudhary from Pexels

Stay positive all the time

When faced with stress, there is this still small voice that always comes with discouraging words. If you are not dogged enough, you may feel like giving up on your job interview due to the stress and anxiety that come with it. You have to relax your mind before your interview by saying positive words to yourself and remain optimistic about getting the job.

Don't welcome any discouragement from the inner voice because it doesn't in any way represent the reality. To overcome negativity, you need to start thinking about positive things. Do not allow the rejection mail you got from your previous interviews affect your present condition because it will only do you harm. Conquer the thoughts of fear by always proclaiming positive words, and stay optimistic prior to your interview.

Make a research about the company

You wouldn't want to go for an interview without knowing about the company you want to work for. It is highly advisable to understand the company's policies and work environment. Why do you need to do this? Most recruiters find it interesting talking about the company you want to work for, and it will be interesting for you to answer any questions pertaining to that.

How can I find information about the company I want to work for? The internet has made it easy to access information online. Most reputable companies have websites through which you can learn more about them. You can also visit their social media pages such as Facebook and LinkedIn to understand how they operate.

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Employ the breathing techniques to stay calm

If your hiring manager finds out that you are too anxious about the whole interview process, they will not like to hire you because they feel you are not sure of yourself.

To help relax the mind, you need to employ the breathing techniques. Take some deep breaths from time to time and speak positive words to yourself as you sit in front of the hiring manager. The deep breaths will help to calm your nerves and also free your thoughts from worries.

Prepare some questions to ask your interviewer

Although this may sound weird to some people, it could be the difference between you and other candidates. Asking some questions in an interview is a brilliant idea and it passes a good signal to your recruiter. Don't be shy to speak up whenever you need clarification on an issue.

In most cases, when an interviewee fails to ask questions, the interviewer may think he (the interviewee) is not motivated or interested in the position. Don't wait for your recruiter to ask if you have any questions before speaking up. Try to converse with your recruiter like your friend and before you know it, you will become very free to talk to him.

There is nothing wrong about discussing salary with your recruiter. It shows that you know your worth and you expect to get the best from the company. However, when asking your interviewer questions, try not to be arrogant with it.

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Job Interview Tips
Putting on a beautiful smile helps a lot in a job interview | Photo Credit: Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Sit confidently during your interview session

The way you sit during a job interview can help determine if you are confident or not. Alternatively, if you are going to have your interview via phone, you must make sure your voice is not shaky, which in most cases connotes fear.

While sitting in front of the interviewer, do not get too close to him and avoid leaning on the desk when talking. Just make sure you sit uprightly and engage body movement and eye contact when talking. Relax your mind when talking and do not be carried away by other thoughts.

If you can put all these tips into practice, then you should not have any issue acing your interview and winning that your dream job. Remember, anxiety must set in at some point, but using all these tips in this article will help you reduce the stress that comes with a job interview.

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