The internet has made things easier for us by providing useful resources to help solve our educational needs. As a Nigerian student, whether you are trying to learn calculus, preparing for WAEC, trying to solve your maths homework or looking for support materials to help your kids improve in maths, you can now learn maths online free by using the internet.

In a country like Nigeria, most students find it easier to learn by taking video tutorials on their smartphones. As technology keeps advancing, the next phase of learning online is by getting a private tutor to teach you one-on-one via the internet.

Maths Online Tutoring: A Computer and Webcam are the Only Tools Needed For Your Maths Tutorials

Gone are the days when the only way to learn is by attending a physical lesson centre or school to improve your skills on any subjects, it is now possible to do distance learning from anywhere in Nigeria. All that is needed from a student is a computer with a good internet connection and a webcam.

For you to have successful online maths lessons via webcam, your internet connection must be strong enough for seamless transmission between you and your online maths tutor. Since things like file sharing and uploading of homework would likely happen, you wouldn't want to frustrate yourself with poor internet buffering.

If you have already started your maths tutorials online with a math tutor, it would be nice if you could get a headset with a good microphone to make it easier for you to communicate with your teacher clearly.

Getting a headset in Nigeria shouldn't be an issue because there are dozens of stores that deal in computer and phone accessories. You can even decide to order one online from stores like Jumia or Konga. It should cost you between ₦2,000 and ₦5,000 to purchase a headset that you can integrate into your computer for clearer communication with your lesson tutor online.

Peradventure you have tried enhancing your skills through the webcam before and you enjoyed your lesson time, you can as well invest in a more sophisticated webcam for distinct video quality and clearer audio. A quality webcam should cost between ₦8,000 and ₦20,000 in Nigeria.

So whether it is basic mathematics lessons for your children, WAEC teachers to teach you online or take a professional math course online, investing in the right tools will help you get the best from your maths online teaching.

Maths Tutorials Online
Solving some mathematical equations | Photo Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Software to Help Optimize Your Maths Online Lessons


Most Nigerian students didn't know about Zoom prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was during the pandemic when most schools started online lessons that students got used to it.

If you have a maths tutor online and are looking for software to use for teaching, Zoom is a good option to consider. Though there is a premium version, you can still use it to take your courses for free.


Skype is another good software to support your online learning. A student can connect with his teacher for free via webcam and microphone. You can either install the software on your computer or download the app on your smartphone. After downloading and installing, all you need is an email address to use for sign up.

If you get a math teacher that is willing to teach you through Skype, you can either use the audio function (just like making a phone call) or go the video way by connecting via webcam and you will be able to see your teacher on your screen. Most students prefer using the webcam because it is as good as having a real-life school from the comfort of your home.


Of all the tools for taking online math lessons, Whatsapp seems to be the commonest among Nigerian students. Virtually every student has Whatsapp on his smartphone and it is fun to know that you can actually prepare for your exam by taking tutorials through Whatsapp. Regardless of your location, you can share files, videos or pictures for free through Whatsapp. All you have to do to use Whatsapp is to download the app and instal it on your phone.

There is a need to have enough mobile data to use for your lesson. If you don't have internet data, you can as well ask anyone around to share a hotspot with you via Wifi.

Google Hangout

This is another tool you can use to learn and study. It could either be used on a phone, tablet or computer. Just like other tools listed above, hangout can work in similar ways to the other tools.

Maths Online Tutor
Taking maths lessons through webcam | Photo Credit: Katerina Holmes from Pexels

Free Websites to help improve your math level

Some Nigerian students are already aware that there are a number of free websites that are dedicated to helping school students with their math course.

In case you are not aware already, below are some free websites that offer free mathematical resources to either prepare a student for an exam or learn any math topic that is of concern.


Just like the name implies, Geogebra is a free-resource website that helps students from all around the world to understand mathematical topics such as algebra, arithmetic and geometry.

Geogebra focuses on points on graphs, vector, functions, straight lines, etc. Apart from being useful to school children, Geogebra can also support people that work in a science-related field such as engineering, data science, and many more.

You can either access this website through your computer or download the app on your smartphone or tablet.

This is a Nigerian education site that helps students to prepare for WAEC, NECO, JAMB, and other exams. All you have to do is to visit the website, select the exam you are preparing for, and a list of questions and answers will pop out. You can even share ideas with other students by using the comment box below.

WAEC Online E-learning Platform

Most people don't know about this, but WAEC actually has a platform that helps students revise for their final exams. The purpose of the e-learning platform is to help students understand the standard requirements for doing well in WAEC. There are tons of WAEC past questions and answers for practice. Going through these questions would help you know the kind of questions to expect from WAEC and to solve them.


Some of the mathematical resources offered by Solumaths include:

  • A collection of online math games for kids
  • A graphic calculator for mapping and drawing functions
  • Calculus equation solvers

If you are a student that studies mathematics in school or at the university level, this software will support you with advanced learning tools.

Maths Online Tutor on YouTube

There are teachers on YouTube that are dedicated to giving students of any level free maths tutorials on YouTube. Whether it is algebra lesson, probability, geometry or preparing for WAEC or JAMB, these tutors are trying to cover everything there is to learn in mathematics.

If you are in Nigeria preparing for an exam such as WAEC, JAMB or an internal school exam, you can learn a lot by subscribing to some channels with the best math teachers on YouTube.

Below are some of the online maths tutors you might find interesting and fun to learn from:

Math Antics

Whether it is algebra, exponents, measurement, statistics, geometry, percentage, etc. you want to learn, I will recommend Math Antics to you on Youtube. It doesn't matter where you live around the world, anyone can have access to this math channel on YouTube.

Mr Barton

Mr Barton focuses on students from grade 6 in primary school up to senior secondary school. The channel also helps teachers to see the fun side of mathematics, contrary to many people's belief that math is boring.

Mr Barton also owns a website that helps students of all level learn a particular topic that is of concern to him. You can find maths past questions and tips on how to pass your exam on the website.

Hegarty Maths

Hegarty Maths, owned by Hegarty, is another good channel to use for your math lesson on YouTube. If you are preparing for WAEC, this channel would be of great benefit to you. The topics are well organized into playlists to make it easy for any student to search.

Hegarty also share tips on how to pass external exams.

Learn Maths Online Free
Mathematics requires constant practice if a student wants to gain mastery of the subject | Photo Credit: Deepak Gautam from Pexels

The Disadvantages of Learning Maths Online

Although free online math resources can impact the level of knowledge of a student, it still cannot be compared to having a private tutor for one to one mathematics tuition.

When it comes to achieving great academic success, getting an approved private teacher for a one to one teaching is still the best way to go. With a private tutor, your learning progress is closely monitored and you can schedule a perfect time for your lesson.

Aside from the teaching aspect, a private teacher can help inspire you by clearing off any mental disabilities about the math subject.

Below are some advantages of getting private tutoring:

  • It boosts your level of motivation and improves self-esteem
  • Unlike a classroom that has so many distractions, private tutoring offers undivided attention
  • You get direct communication in case of any difficulty

Despite the distance between a student and his teacher, online maths lessons via webcam can be as effective as face-to-face teaching. In a situation where you find a good math teacher that is not resident in your area, the best option to consider is online teaching via webcam.

Conclusively, whether it is face-to-face or online via webcam, the best teaching method for pupils or students is through private tutoring.

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