You could be well over 30, with a family and career, a grown adult on all accounts, but a deficiency in mathematics from your SSCE results could still be haunting you, or perhaps you need a mathematics qualification and you missed the opportunity to study it while at the university, and it is probably holding up your career.

Well, don’t worry, taking advanced level mathematics later in life is completely possible and in fact a quite straightforward process.

If you fall under one of these categories, there is no cause for you to feel embarrassed about it, it is quite normal for matured students to retake any course they might feel they need later in life, either to further their careers or to fix that smear of a grade from their past results.

Mathematics affects the trajectory of your career.
A good grade in mathematics can positively impact your career. Photo on Pixabay.

About Advanced Level Mathematics

Mathematics happened to be the most common of those courses matured students re-sit, mostly because of how vital it is to technical and business subjects, and to talk about the elephant in the room, how difficult it is to a vast majority of people.

Luckily there are many options available to adults who want to study towards an advanced level qualification, to further their studies or their careers.

Anyone who wants to take the advanced level exams or in some cases retake them,the doors are open. There are independent centers you can register with, or try joining through a university or other tertiary college, some of the advanced level exam boards have centers within the universities.

You can simply hire the services of a great maths teacher to walk you through the course curriculum, but that may cost you big time, we suggest you stick to the advanced level course program, either online or somewhere near you, the time and duration of the program is flexible, so it shouldn’t get in the way of your daily work and responsibilities.

Besides, the centers and nearby colleges have the relevant resources to teach the course properly.

What does it take to join an advanced level maths program, find out more.

What Are Advanced Level Exams

Normally anything taught at the tertiary level is advanced level, but when we talk advanced level exams or A level exams, we are referring to the independent advanced level programs run and moderated by the individual exam boards.

There are several of them in Nigeria, each with its specifications and standards, the programs consist of classes and training for months before the actual exams. Some of them include IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB A-Level, etc. They serve as alternatives for gaining admission into universities and you will be granted 200 level after writing and successfully passing the A level exams.

However, for some adult students who do not have an interest in seeking admission but just want the qualifications that will attest to the fact that they have indeed studied and passed advanced level mathematics, they can also write the exams. It serves that purpose perfectly.

The best exam to consider if you are just after the qualifications are NABTEB’S A-Level and Cambridge A-Level.

Find how you can get your hands on maths past questions. 

Where To Learn Advanced Level Mathematics As An Adult

Your age doesn’t matter to the exam boards, once you enroll, you are one of their students, and they expect you level up and show the same passion as younger students, show equal amounts of knowledge, skill and ability.

The advanced level mathematics aka A-levels syllabus trains the students on maths techniques and tools, and skills that are useful in many factors of life such as logical thinking, which could be applied at the place of work.

Tertiary Institutions

Most universities usually conduct one or two advanced level exams in joint collaboration with the exam boards themselves.

They provide opportunities for matured students to join their ranks. The programs usually run for a few hours each day, and during the weekends for adults. Although, evening lessons are not very popular, some extend into the night for those who time would not allow for them to come during the day.

The fee may be different from the normal students' fee because of your lesson times, it could cost less or more depending on which exam board it is.

Some of the universities have detailed guidelines on how you can enroll for the courses on their website, if you can’t find it there you can try the exam board's websites, they are sure to provide that information, they always do.

For the typical advanced level student, they will be learning every day, and may even reside in the campus hostels. But as an adult, you will most likely be doing part-time, this gives you a lot of leeways so that you can handle your responsibilities and study at the same time.

In the course of your study you are going to have other subjects to study not just mathematics, and it could quickly become a bit overwhelming, hiring a professional maths teacher to teach you one-on-one is not such a bad idea, the beauty of it is you can do it on your free time when there isn’t work or family duty.

Adult learning happens mostly during the weekends.
Adult learning happens mostly during the weekends. Photo from

Although we advise you don’t solely rely on a private lesson, the universities have the full learning materials for the course.

Note that before you start you will have to pay upfront for textbooks.

Online Courses

Another learning option is through online courses, the right ones are accredited and have all the necessary learning materials and teaching resources.

While most of the A-level online courses are provided by foreign schools and institutions, they are completely accredited in Nigeria. One such example is UNICAF.

Some Nigerian universities do provide online A level courses, they call them distance learning, and have a broad range of courses you can choose to study.

Along with the online courses are online tutorials and learning materials, which is up to you, to find the will to bend over and study it. They have email support, and nowadays a chat function. 

These online courses can be extremely expensive, but some of them award scholarships, more than 80% off, most especially for adult students if you care to apply.

Independent Study

Private study centers across Nigeria serve as stand-ins for the advanced level exam boards, if you decide to register with them you have the choice to either join the classes or not at all.

But what is important is they will register you to the exam program, get you an exam number and deal with any other necessary detail that will help you carry out the exams, in essence, they will be liaising on your behalf.

Once approved and done you will write the exams in their center,  but before then, you can go on your way, they will contact you when the exam is close by.

This may sound drastic but it works well for some people and may work for you too, as it could save you costs, but bear in mind the implications, no study material (even if there is, you will be studying them on your own), no teachers and no classes. To actually do this you must have prior experience with sitting for these exams, and probably have most of the course material at hand already, otherwise it would then really be drastic.

Finding mathematics tutors to guide you and help you out is one way to go around some of the issues of using this method. It could be as costly as taking the classes, but as a professional working adult, this is typically not a problem.

Students trying to study advanced level maths can do so through online courses.
Students trying to study advanced level maths can do so through online courses. Photo from

How To Enroll On Advanced Level Mathematics Courses

As mentioned earlier, you can register for an online course or find one that is located at a university near you. To enroll, they will require you provide your O'level qualification. A pass in mathematics, English and mostly three other subjects is needed to qualify for the course.

You can get more information regarding the registration on the exam board’s websites or at one of the independent study centers and universities.

Benefits Of Advanced Level Mathematics For Adults

Makes For A Better Career

You may want to enhance your qualifications by having an extra subject of study like mathematics, for instance, where it is a great necessity in technical and numerical professions.

Or maybe you are looking forward to furthering your education because of a work promotion, but you need an advanced level mathematics grades to qualify for the course you are seeking.

Whatever the case, an advanced level mathematics qualification can greatly affect your career in a good way.

Ramping Up Your CV

Besides encouraging you to further your education, simply having an A level maths qualification on your CV has the added advantage of opening opportunities you would otherwise not know existed. As you well know, knowledge in mathematics is vital to fulfilling many job roles.

Personal Gain

By studying mathematics, you will gain skills that are extremely useful in our everyday life, from calculating taxes to budgeting your monthly earnings and so on.

Whilst many adults are going back to re-sit these exams to correct something or fix some mistake, some just got in there for the mere pleasure of learning something new, something fun.

Learn more about the contents of the advanced level mathematics course. 

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