German is an excellent language to learn and it's only going to get more significant later on in the future. A lot of companies, especially multinationals, favour candidates with foreign language abilities and the German language, the most widely spoken language in Europe is not a bad choice to learn.

Are you self-employed, a student, working, or searching for work? Now is a good time to learn how to speak the German language.

If you decided to learn German, employing the help of a quality private German teacher is the way to go, there are scarcely any better options to pick.

Enjoy learning the German language
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You should try out a quick search online about learning the German language, you'll see a good number of results for options available to you. You'd think should make things simple right? But that is not always the case, there are such a large number of various individuals offering you language lessons, that you may feel somewhat lost. How then do you select which teacher or school to go with?

Firstly, you need to look up a few things about German, the pros and cons of teaching methods and then you will be better informed to find the solution that works best for you for learning the German language!

The Goethe Institut: The German Cultural Institute

The Goethe Institut is based out of Munich in Germany but also has a presence in Nigeria and all over the globe.

History and Role of The Goethe Institut

Founded in 1925, the fundamental objective of the Goethe Institut is to advance German culture and language around the globe.

It is a non-benefit organisation built a huge network of Goethe lecture halls and centres. There is a centre of the Goethe Institut in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Goethe Institut also offers a few German language tests and there are also various kinds of professional and academic courses available to help you to improve your German level and vocabulary.

German Language Courses Offered at The Goethe Institut

Goethe Institut offers a lot of various courses for learning the German language quickly. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to different German courses.

search for adult German classes
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Contingent upon your level, you can take lessons in a lecture hall, on your computer, or a blend of both!

There is a good selection of courses for adults

There are intensive courses that run for eleven weeks for ₦65,000 and you can likewise do a standard 12-week course for ₦75,000.

In case you're preparing to do a specific German exam, you can likewise find courses at the Goethe Institut to help you prepare for it.

For instance, you can take courses to get ready for the TestDaF. However, note that the cost of sitting for the exams isn't included in the cost of the lessons.

You can generally go to the Institut itself for more data in case you don't see an option that works for you. You may even be able to request for private tutorial classes for yourself.

Find out the price of German lessons with a private German teacher.

Academic Support Companies

Academic help by the way of private lessons is an excellent method to learn a foreign language since it means you'll regularly speak with a German teacher.

Even though you're not a student, you can still generally get private lessons to help work/improve on your understanding and knowledge of the German language.

Superprof Nigeria

Superprof is a platform is that helps connect students and private teachers with each other. Academic tutoring help makes up a huge piece of Superprof's offering.

Are you looking to learn the German language so as to get a university degree or simply to go over a couple of simple phrases and expressions, you can search for and find a teacher on Superprof.

You can find a teacher that suits you irrespective of your age, adult or child. Would you like to get maximum benefits from your German language lessons? Try out Superprof!

Talk more to improve your German language
Have regular conversations in order to improve your German | Source: Christina Morillo @

It's quite straightforward: Once you've joined/signed up on Superprof, you simply need to input German in the subject bar and your location in the State/LGA bar.  Select the teacher that matches your expectations, has the right professional expertise, and one that lives within your general vicinity.

Your teacher may be a native German speaker, a teacher, a bilingual teacher, or a retired professional teacher. Whatever you decide, ensure you pick the right tutor profile for your needs.

There is also the added advantage of possibly getting the first hour of lessons free!

Check for German classes close to me here.

German Language as an Academic Course in the University

Learning a foreign language for professional reasons is also a good career path. There are a lot of career opportunities for linguists.

University of Nigeria

There are a couple of Nigerian Universities that offer the German language as a degree course.

If you are thinking of learning the German language as a degree course, you could find them mostly in Art Faculties of some federal universities. They offer Bachelors, Masters and sometimes a PhD degree in the German Language.

Find a German teacher
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A good example is the University of Nigeria (UNN) that offers Germany in their Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. A student could get a degree in the German Language as a single honour (B.A. in Germany), as a combined honour degree (B.A. in German and either of French or Russian) or even as a combined honour degree (B.A. in German and another course from other departments in the university).

UNN is really a good choice as they offer a variety of options.

German Language Schools and Learning Centres

Asides German cultural establishments like the Goethe Institut, you can likewise go to language schools or German centres for lessons

These schools offer various types of time slots for lessons, from weekdays, weekends or evening lessons. There are various courses for various knowledge levels of the German language.

start your search online for German language schools
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If you'd want to make some new friends while learning the German language,  lessons at a language school may be exactly what you need.

This additionally means you'll be taught by a certified/qualified teacher. In any case, you can't ensure that you'll get a native speaker which is not always necessary especially if you already have advanced knowledge of the language and simply need to refine your talking.

The cost of these lessons vary based on the school or organisation offering them and also on the language level you want to learn.

There are often more intensive short classes available during the summer / long vacation period to cater for students on school break.

Find German lessons in Lagos with a native speaker!

German Language Lessons Online

German lessons can now be done online, thanks to the internet.

There are a lot of websites available to learn languages and German isn't exempted. You can even learn German expressions and phrases on your mobile phone due to language apps that are now readily available and easy to use. They, for the most part, provide a fun and enjoyable strategy to learning languages.

Learn German phrases online
Learn German phrases and expressions on your phone | Source: Bigstockphotos

You can stay up with your language learning progress. You'll find German grammar resources, German lessons, on-line dictionaries, interactive activities, and many more.

Duolingo is one of the most well-known language learning apps on-line. You can learn a language totally free at no cost to you.

The app is very well known and one of the best new way to learn languages online. The app can be accessible for both mobile phones and tablets and available on android and iOS devices. It is fun and addictive because languages are split into bite-sized skills that feel like games, you lose a life when you get something wrong and earn points when you complete a lesson.

Duolingo teaches you to read, write, listen and speak and it is extremely effective! Besides, German, there are tonnes of other languages (including High Valyrian from Game of Thrones).

There are also other websites that offer free german lessons on-line.

Babbel is also a very popular language learning app. It is subscription-based and you can choose a plan that works for you and grants you access to a number of various services for about ₦2500 per month.

The application is also well-known and accessible for both mobile phones and tablets and you can use it to connect with other German students too. The lessons are broken down into themes like “introducing yourself”, “travelling”, etc.

Hello Talk is another great language learning app that connects you to individuals that speak the language you want to learn, In exchange, you assist them with learning your language. It's an excellent idea that lets you communicate with native speakers and is a quick and good way to be immersed in the language.

There is a large pool of languages to learn from and it lets you select your entry-level and then you find someone to talk to. An assortment of flawless tools like interpretation, correction, and speaking make this a fully-packed chat experience.

Language Schools in Germany

Would you prefer to invest your time and resources going to Germany to improve your understanding of the German language? Immersing yourself in daily German life and culture is an excellent method to better comprehend the language.

If you really want to learn German, is there a better way than communicating in it with its native speakers? You should go to a German language school in Germany.

There is a variety to choose from. The Universities in Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich offer German language lessons to students during the summer holiday season.

Olsen Tuition

Olesen Tuition offers customised German lessons, intensive German courses and small group classes and examination preparatory lessons for Test DaF, Goethe-Institut tests from A1-C2, and A-level

The Humboldt Institut

The Humboldt Institute likewise has a few learning centres across Germany offering a wide range of courses including one-on-one intensive courses, part-time courses and TestDaF preparatory courses.

These German lessons can run as a 2-week course or longer. You can take courses with fees that incorporate accommodation and feeding!

Education First

You could even go for longer courses for up to three months or a half year (or more) with an organisation like EF (Education First). They offer a lot of courses in Germany

University students, Secondary school students, and working-class adults can go there for anytime between two weeks and a whole academic year in Germany learning German.

This arrangement is clearly more expensive than other options, yet it includes intensive German classes in the mornings and excursions around a genuine German culture in the afternoons. Studying in Germany as a part of an Erasmus (EU student exchange) program is likewise an approach to gain access to German courses.

There are simply such a significant number of approaches to learning German. You simply need to discover the organisation or the technique that works for you. You have no more excuses!

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