Academic support isn’t simple. The child’s parents and their private tutor need to put their all into their work.

Private tutorials are very involved. Not just for the tutor. In fact, we could describe it as a team that includes the tutor, the parents, and the student. Each one needs to work together in different ways.

They all have the same goal, though: to help the student improve their grades, pass an exam, avoid resits, and get into good universities.

If you're looking for academic success, it doesn't hurt for students to have someone providing them with supplemental instruction.

While some schools and universities offer workshops, drop-ins, peer tutoring, and collaborative student learning sessions, in this article, we're going to focus mainly on how students can gain important academic skills and benefit from private one on one tutorials rather than the services offered at school or on campus. Let’s have a look at how this works...

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The Increasingly Systematic Approach to Academic Support

A trust-based relationship

Private tutoring services and academic support tutorials are getting more popular every year. Of course, here at Superprof, we get to see this firsthand.

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What is a parent's role in private tutorials?
The family needs to be involved in their child's tutorials. (Source: Free-Photos)

Online solutions are also becoming more popular. Both professional and self-taught tutors are popping up everywhere in the UK. More and more hours of tutoring are taking place.

Parents are choosing to trust a talented educator to help their child improve. It’s a relationship based on trust between three parties: the teacher, the parents, the student. Each has their own job to do to make sure the child achieves their educational goals.

A Question of Time or Skills?

So how do you explain why more and more people are opting for academic support for students?

To get to the bottom of this, we need to look at history and economics. A history and economics professor has helped us with the answer. Parents don’t have the same routine they once did.

In the past, the parents would help their child with their studies. Mum and Dad were in charge. They’d help their child with their homework when they got home. However, this is happening less and less.


Society has been changing in recent years. Especially for mothers. They’re more likely to be working than in the past. Due to their jobs, they don’t always have the time to help their child with their homework and provide academic support.

With this being the case, more and tutors are being called in to help. Even though parents are more likely to have degrees than in the past and probably better suited to the role, they just don’t have the time.

It’s not due to a lack of maths, business, history, geography, physics, chemistry, or language skills. Quite the opposite! They don’t have the time.

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What Are the Benefits of Academic Support Tutorials?

So why should you get in touch with an academic support tutor?

How can it help your child?

We’re not saying that their teachers are bad. Far from it.

There are a number of benefits to academic support. With face-to-face tutorials at home, the student feels more involved. The freedom of academic support tutorials means they can employ more interactive exercises to encourage participation from the student. There are so many things they can do that you can’t in normal classes.

While their usual teacher mightn’t have the time to go over every concern because they have twenty other pupils and a curriculum to follow, private tutors can focus on their struggles. That’s why they’re so useful.

Where can you get academic support tutorials?
It can be difficult keeping teenagers happy. (Source: PublicDomainArchive)

The advantage of academic support is the freedom the tutor has; they’re even more relaxed. Not every private tutor has to be a qualified teacher, either. This is because private tutorials only objective is to improve their grades.

The parents know this and the tutor knows this. However, since the child might not be aware, let’s have a look at how this works.

Academic Support Tutorials: The Relationship between the Parents, Tutor, and Child

The parents, the tutor, and the child need to all trust one another to ensure that the academic support is successful. This is true for whatever service the parents are looking for:

  • Homework help
  • Support tutorials
  • Tutorials for failing students
  • Catchup tutorials
  • Tutorials for getting into university
  • Exam and test prep (GCSE, A Level, etc.)
  • Longterm support
  • Holiday tutorials

To help you and your child achieve your learning goals, Superprof recommends looking for academic support tutorials precisely because the best tutors are gifted in adapting their teaching style to every student they work with.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about it but aren’t convinced. Let’s see what it’s all about...

The Relationship Between Parents and Children

Most parents worry about their child’s education. They worry even more so if the child happens to be failing or struggling at school. It’s true that we often don’t know what to do in situations like this. You can’t always fix it with a few kind words or a telling off. The child needs to assess why they’re struggling.

How can parents help with their child's tutorials?
Getting the results you're after with private tutorials will have you jumping for joy! (Source: jill111)

Parents can get academic support for children who aren’t struggling, too. You can get them for children with big ambitions. We’re talking about those applying to top universities and competitive courses. It can help improve their grades.

Put simply, in 99% of cases, it’s the parents who decide that it’s time to get private tutorials. Not the child. In this respect, you’ll need to sit down and talk with them and mention that you’re going to get academic support tutorials for them. You should make this clear that it’s to help them rather than punish them.

Your child should be aware that you’re paying for these private tutorials. It can be quite the sacrifice for some families. They should, therefore, take their lessons seriously to get a return on the investment.


The Relationship Between the Parents and the Tutor

You need to talk about trust. Whether it’s to catch up, help a struggling student, or get into a top university, you’ve decided to place your trust in a private tutor.

In some cases, you have to invite someone that you’ve only spoken to on the internet into your home. You have to trust them a lot. You need to ensure that you’re choosing the right tutor for academic support tutorials.

You need to ask every tutor you meet the right questions. It’s important to know whether they are the right person for the job and the right person to provide academic support tutorials to your child.

The tutor needs to earn your trust. They’re professionals dedicated to academic support. The goal is never to finish the programme as quickly as possible but rather get the right results: improved grades.

It should be noted that this s a professional vocation and a tutor needs to be paid accordingly.

The Relationship Between the Tutor and the Student

The relationship between the tutor and the student is the cornerstone of the whole thing. If it doesn’t work, the academic support won’t be effective.

How can private tutorials help struggling students?
A tutor has to have a great rapport with their students! (Source: ValeriaRodrigues)

If the two get on well, the results will be well beyond anything you expected. The tutor needs to adapt to their new student. They need to learn how to speak to them. They need to establish their needs in order to get the most out of their time together. If the student has some serious struggles, the academic support tutor will have the mammoth task of trying to resolve them.

This is when academic support becomes more psychological than theoretical. School can cause some real problems for certain students that can’t be solved at the drop of a hat. Instead, they can be solved in a number of subtle ways.

Having a tutor there advising and mentoring the student can be really beneficial. Tuition can help them learn valuable study skills for taking exams and this means the learner can succeed not just in the subjects they're being tutored in, but also improve their grades in other subjects, too.

Tutors can provide help with various study strategies, note taking, and preparing for university, either by guiding them through the admission process and helping them apply to the university they want to go to.

This is also useful for gifted students who are looking for funding or a scholarship. For a lot of scholarships, students are expected to complete an assignment. A tutor who's familiar with the process can help them put this together.

Hiring Private Tutors

If you're looking for private tutors or just an academic advisor, don't forget that a lot of the tutors on Superprof offer free tutoring for the first hour. While they probably won't provide much academic coaching or tuition during this hour, it can be useful to see what kind of tutor they are and whether it's worth scheduling more in the future.

If you're concerned about the cost of hiring private tutors, you could also consider getting a tutor to do a group tutorial or a workshop for several students at once. While these sessions will be more like a seminar at college or university, students can get far more out of them than they otherwise would in the larger classes they're used to at school.

Whether they're at primary school, secondary school, sixth form, college, or university (undergraduate and postgraduate), any student can benefit from having someone there to assist them with their studies during the academic year and the holidays.

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