Drama is one of the performing arts alongside music and dance. It's an art that makes you express yourself in different ways and characters while displaying your acting prowess.

Many Nigerians now seem interested in the Nollywood entertainment and movie industry. This has made interested people take the bold step of studying a theatre art and drama course, usually for more than one year.

Theatre arts, also known as performing arts, combine different things, including music, dance, film production, directing, and other artistic skills. Going to acting schools will help you discover the different areas in film and acting that you might want to study.

All these are why the theatre arts course can't be learned in a rush, as it takes a lot to grab all that the course offers. Instead, students interested in learning new things about acting should be patient and keep an open mind.

The type of acting school you attend and your knowledge about the art goes a long way to determining how good you will be at acting.

One of the advantages of getting professional training in acting is that you get to meet other people with like passion, either at the university or an acting school. Also, you have the opportunity to work with talented minds like yourself who can help you and which you can also help.

Read more on the best drama schools in Nigeria and abroad.

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Nigerian Universities That Offer Theatre Arts

University of Ibadan
Most Nigerian Universities offer Theatre Arts courses || Image Source: BuzzNigeria

Enrolling in any performing arts course is one of the ways of getting started and familiar with the entertainment and film sector. This can also lead your path to be a good and talented actor. Several Nigerian universities offer theatre arts courses, where they groom students right from their 100 level up until their 400 level.

If you want to have a formal education in acting, attending a university in that line will be helpful.

When learning the art, there are many things you'll be taught and exposed to. For example, studying theatre arts at a university will teach you everything you need to know about movie and film production, creating, directing, acting, and editing movies.

In any Nigerian university, learning acting comes with many benefits and opportunities. First, you'll get the necessary exposure and get involved in different movies and film productions.

Another top-tier benefit is that you get to meet veteran actors from the film industry and probably work with them on one of their productions, which could help you build your career as an aspiring actor.

In the country today, almost every state seems to have a university that offers a theatre arts course. Therefore, students aspiring to learn about acting can study the course at any university in their state.

To gain entry to studying theatre arts in any Nigerian university, you need to ensure you have the requirements. You have to sit for the general higher institution JAMB exams the post UTME for the school of your choice. You must also have a minimum of 5 credits in your secondary school WAEC exam.

Here are a few examples of Nigerian universities that offer the theatre arts course:

  • University of Ibadan
  • University of Lagos
  • University of Benin
  • University of Nigeria
  • University of Calabar

Acting Schools in Nigeria

If you're searching for an alternative for learning the art aside from getting a university education, you can opt for any acting institute and academy in Nigeria.

You can also do this to refine your skills even though you already have a degree in theatre arts. Students that didn't meet the JAMB and university entry requirements and still want to pursue their acting career can also enrol in acting schools.

Video production
You can learn video production in any Nigerian acting school || Image Source: Pixabay

Nigeria houses many excellent and excellent acting and drama schools that give quality knowledge and training to their students.

The film institute has prioritised grooming aspiring actors and teaching them everything they need to know about drama and acting. This will make them relevant in the Nollywood and international film sectors.

Enrolling in acting and drama takes about one to three years.

If you want the world to see how artistic you are through your scriptwriting and acting, you should enrol in any of the best drama institutes. This will boost your confidence both on and off stage.

When you go through any acting school, you'll learn to improve your articulation and communication skills. Likewise, enrolling in drama schools will help you develop your artistic side and help you gain access and entry into the Nollywood and international movie industry.

Going through acting schools helps you know the film and movie sector well, which will help you understand your way around it.

When you pass through the acting school, you'll be able to go through acting practice and training to improve your acting and make you a superb actor. You also get to ask your teachers and instructors questions and get your answers. This will help you sharpen your mind and help you understand the acting world better.

Taking acting courses in any of the best acting schools allows you to build connections and networks while you learn. However, some of these acting and drama schools require that you write the general JAMB exams to gain entry into them, while some don't.

Nigeria has various acting institutes, and we'll be showing you a list of some of the best drama schools and all you need to know about them.

Pefti Film Institute

This is a very popular film institute in Nigeria located in Lagos and has a branch in Ibadan.

Enrolling in this institute will help you get exposed to different acting and drama courses. In addition, you'll learn about acting, film production, scriptwriting, cinematography, and more.

If you want to go to this institute, you must be prepared to spend 2 years. They will teach you all you need to know about performing and media arts for 85,000 NGN per semester and an admission fee of 10,000 NGN.

To get into this institution, you must have at least above 99 in your JAMB exam before being considered.

Royal Arts Academy

If you're interested in film production, cinematography, acting, and scriptwriting, you can consider enrolling in the royal arts academy.

Royal art academy is located in Lagos and Uyo. They offer courses suitable for beginners and professionals who want to improve their acting prowess. They have good teachers and instructors to put you through the training.

This academy also offers online courses for students not around the academy's area.

High-Definition Film Academy

This is one of the best acting schools in Abuja, Nigeria, where they offer different drama and acting courses. In addition, they provide short-term programs, long-term programs, and weekends programs to suit different students' needs.

Their programs could run for 3 months, 6 months, or a year depending on the course duration you signed up for. You'll get to learn in the HD film academy about acting, filmmaking, cinematography, editing, and screenwriting.

Here are the best drama schools in the world.

Movie theatre
You could also take a cinematography course at a Nigerian acting school || Image Source: Pixabay

Del-York Academy

This is an excellent school to study drama and acting techniques. It is one of the best schools in Abuja, and they are currently in partnership with the New York film academy.

They provide courses and training in acting, producing, screenwriting, make-up and special effects, 3D animation, costume designs, cinematography, set lighting, and the business of filmmaking.

What You Need to Know Before Applying To an Acting School

Before you think of enrolling in an acting school, you must have a passion for drama and acting. You must also be actively interested in anything related to theatre.

After discovering your passion for acting, you should search for the acting school that will be best for you and what you wish to learn there. You also need to know how much it will cost to enrol in any acting school in Nigeria and choose the good and budget-friendly one.

Since it's going to be a long ride, you need to carefully select the best and most comfortable school for you to learn.

Another thing you should know before studying theatre arts is that you must pass the JAMB exams and entrance exams for your desired university. When it comes to drama schools and institutes, some schools require JAMB before you can apply to their school, while some don't.

Also, it would be best if you were open-minded and ready to learn and focus on your acting training to be the best actor you can be.

Alternatively. you can always contact a drama tutor at Supeprpof Nigeria to start learning all about drama before attending a drama school.


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