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  • Music reading
  • Music Early Learning Activities - for children
  • Musical education
  • Computer-aided music
  • Saxophone
  • All Levels

Make Music Better (Doctor of Music, former CU-Boulder Faculty member with 15 years teaching experience teaches student-centered music lessons in Columbus)


I take a student-centered approach to learning, where we create a course of study most effective for your goals. From audio recording, to classical composition, to songwriting, to AP music theory test training. I like to create a flexible program that can adapt as needs and interests change. I am positive, high-energy, and non-judgemental. I can help motivate, validate, and educate.


Undergraduate degrees in music and mechanical engineering from Case Western Reserve. Masters and Doctorate in Music Composition (and Composition Technology) from the University of Colorado, Boulder. 10 years experience in front of a classroom, 15 years teaching private lessons (K–12, beginner through PhD students). Expert in digital creativity. I have taught hundreds of students, including amateurs who want to learn music as a hobby and (pre-)professional students readying their applications. My students get 5s on their AP tests, find success at top-tier conservatories all over the world, and a couple are even professors of music themselves!


Rates for online lessons : ₦21415/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : ₦116810
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : ₦214152


Rates do not vary based on student's level, but I discount lessons with referrals and offer discounts on supplemental services (reviewing college applications, helping with job applications, visiting and speaking at local schools, etc). I will occasionally offer a sliding scale or partial barter if there is an economic need.

Lessons offered by Hunter
In group
The lessons will be held
At his home
At your home
Taught subjects
  • Music reading
  • Music Early Learning Activities - for children
  • Musical education
  • Computer-aided music
  • Saxophone
  • All Levels

Hunter's CV


University of Colorado at Boulder

DMA, Composition 2013
Major Instructors: John Drumheller, Daniel Kellogg, Jeffrey Nytch, Alan Fletcher
Dissertation: The SCREAMboard: A Hands-Free Digital Processing Solution for Acoustic Improvisers

MM, Composition 2009
Concentration: Music Technology
Major Instructors: Michael Theodore, Carter Pann
Creative Thesis: Gi•nt’s Eye
Written: Using Brute Force Computing to Determine Authorship of the Six Naples L'homme Armé Masses

Case Western Reserve University & Cleveland Institute of Music Joint Music Program

BA, Composition with honors research 2007
Major Instructors: Dan Visconti, Monica Houghton, Greg Banaszak
Honors Research Project: Design and Fabrication of a Modular Saxophone Mouthpiece

BS, Mechanical Engineering 2007
Major Advisors: Chris Hernandez, Isaac Greber
Capstone Project: How Effectively do Digital Synthesizers Replicate Live Sounds?

Teaching Experience

Instructor, Founding Faculty Member, Department of Critical Media Practices, College of Media, Communication, and Information (CMCI), CU, Boulder (2015–present)

CDMP 2860: Performance Audio Recording (course designer)
CDMP 2870: Recording Design (course designer)
CDMP 3860: Introduction to Electronic Music (course designer)
CDMP 3840: Sound Practices (course designer)
FYSM 1000-010: Pink Floyd: Sound, Image, Culture (course designer)
MUSC 5081-570: Applications in Music Technology (course designer) - for the College of Music
TMUS 5514: Special Study, Music Education (course designer) - for the College of Music
CDMP 4841/7841: Independent Study (subjects have included sound design, composition, and transmedia research)
MUSC 5093/6243: Applications of Music Pedagogy (project supervisor) - for the College of Music
CU Pathways Summer Intensive
CMDP 4860: Computer Composition (in development)
CMDP 4870/5870: Topics in Sound: The Visual Language of Music (in development)
CMDP 4870/5870: Topics in Sound: Music and Sound Documentary Practices (in development)
FYSM 1000-unk: Sound and Scary Movies (in development)

Co-developed the concentration in Music Technology for the Department of Critical Media Practices
Currently leading development of a Professional Master's Program on Digital Creativity Pedagogy, aimed at visiting high school and middle school teachers.

Lecturer (formerly Adjunct Faculty & Graduate Part-Time Instructor) College of Music, CU, Boulder (2007–2015)

PMUS 1526: Applied Composition Lessons
IMUS 5093-575: Technology in the Music Classroom (course designer)
ATLS 4519-010/011 & 5519-010/011: Electronic Musical Instrument Design (course designer)
MUSC 5081: Applications in Music Technology
MUSC 4121/5121: Visual Programming in Max/MSP
IMUS 5093-577: Advanced Music Technology (course designer)
EMUS 3457/5457: Electronic Music Ensemble: Boulder Laptop Orchestra
MCEN 4228/5228 & ATLS 4519: Aesthetics in Design (course co-instructor/co-designer)
PMUS 4526/5526: Composition Seminar
MUSC 4111: Composing at the Computer
MUSC 2071: Instrumentation
MUSC 4081-001, 002: Introduction to Music Technology for Music Majors
MUEL 4081-800: Introduction to Music Technology for Non-majors
MUEL 4121: Independent Study (subjects have included composition, music tech, aural skills, and music theory)
Instructor: CU Summer Music Academy 2015
Music Technology
Instructor: CU Science Discovery 2015
Physical Computing: The Intersection of Art and Technology
STEM Academy: Creative Technologies
Girls in STEM: Craft Technology
Mentor: Faculty Student Mentor Program (FSMP)

Boulder, Colorado

Teacher: Reel Kids Theater Troupe 2013–2016
Courses Include: Electronic Music, Composition, Music & Film, Film Scoring,
Multimedia Editing, Filmmaking, Songwriting, Media Creation
Teacher: Wildflower School of Voice (music technology) 2013–2016
Faculty Trainer: Office of the Distributed Academic Technology Coordinator 2007–2012
Private saxophone, music theory, composition, and technology instructor 2007–2016

Case Western Reserve University

Tutor (300 hours, contracted through CWRU Education Support Services):
MUTH 101, 102, 107, 108, 201, 202, 207, 208
Recitation Leader (22 sessions): Harmonic and Melodic Dictation, Sight-Singing
Staff Instructor: CIM Young Composers Program

Awards, Grants, Residences

SFMOMA, Copernicus Science Center, Warsaw featured composer (also featured in July 2017 Labocine Journal) 2017
Opera on Tap featured composer, performer, panelist 2017
Third Coast Percussion ECP runner up 2017
Intimacy of Creativity 創意間的親暱 Finalist 2017
Colorado State Music Teacher’s Association 2016 Commissioned Composer winner 2017
Verdant Vibes featured composer (Spring Festival & Times Two Series) 2017
Dairy Center “ALIVE!” featured composer (for Tower of Rising Clouds with Dan Kellogg and LEDpaint) 2016
Imagine Science Film Festival, featured composer (for A Net to Catch the Light, with Erin Espelie) 2016
Viten Film Festival, featured composer (for A Net to Catch the Light, with Erin Espelie) 2016
History of Visual Arts in Boulder (HOVAB) guest composer & documentarian, with installation through NCAR 2016
Union Docs Center for Documentary Art, featured composer (for A Net to Catch the Light, with Erin Espelie) 2016
CU-Boulder Integrated Remote and In Situ Sensing (IRISS) grant recipient (for Drones as Sound Collection Tools) 2016
CU-Boulder Graduate Committee on the Arts and Humanities (GCAH) grant recipient (for LEDpaint) 2016
Dairy Center for the Arts “Classical Music Unbuttoned” guest composer, performer (for Cake of 1,000 Waterfalls) 2016
Colby Community College’s Music Technology in the Classroom guest clinician, workshop leader 2016
Playground Ensemble’s CoCoCo featured composer, panelist 2013, 2016
Aquila Concert Series featured composer 2015
Solid Noise: Robotic Mechanical Sound Art featured composer and designer 2015
NYCEMF featured artist 2015
Electroacoustic Barn Dance featured artist and presenter 2015
Electronic Music Midwest selected artist 2015
SEAMUS featured artist 2015
Manchester New Music Festival featured artist, performer 2015
California State University, Fullerton New Music Festival featured artist 2015
CU MSE guest composer, clinician 2015
New Horizons Music Festival guest artist, performer 2014
Innovative Research Project Award (for Science on a Sphere), with Michael Theodore, Shilpi Gupta 2014
International Society of Bassists David Walter Composition Competition: Honorable Mention 2014
Commission from Roser Visiting Artist Grant (Nothing Suspended with Third Coast Percussion) 2012
Finalist in the Punto y Raya Festival (for Elements) 2011
ATLAS Graduate Arts & Technology Fellowship in Music Composition 2011
Commission from Roser Visiting Artist Grant (for Casanova at Twilight with Bill Mooney) 2011
Studio 300 Festival guest artist 2011
George Lynn Prize (for H.W. Pennywell and His Unstoppable Robot Army of Doom) 2010
Winner of Ouroboros Review’s award for visual poetry (for Open Me) 2010
Edward Levy Prize (for Ultradian Bipolar Disorder) 2009
Playground Ensemble guest artist 2009
Cleveland Flute Society Composition Competition winner (for Maroon and Embrace) 2008
Colorado Constitution Day Composition Competition winner (for Novus Ordo Seclorum) 2008
Tau Beta Pi Honor Society 2003
Golden Key International Honour Society 2007
Anish Shaw ’91 Memorial Award 2007
GammaUT Festival, guest composer and performer (for Laplace Transformers) 2006
Fred Hale Vose Prize (for Centered in the Circle) 2006
Kennedy Award for excellence in musical creativity 2005
Alumni Association scholarship recipient 2005
SOURCE award grant recipient and poster competition winner (for Hamelin, After the Rats) 2005
Smith Truhaft and A.W. Smith scholar 2002

Multidisciplinary Leadership Positions and Administrative Experience

Founder, Director: Boulder Image + Sound Network Ensemble (BISoN Ensemble) 2015–2017
Creator, Science on a Sphere in the Classroom—courses teaching spherical film and music-making practices 2017
Tour Coordinator: BISoN’s 2016 Migration Tour 2016
Founder, Director: 64-Bit Composition Competition 2014–2015
President: Skinny Dip Publications, new music publications and consulting 2014–2015
Co-Founder: R.X. Doubletree and Her Polka-Dot Apothecarium, performance ensemble 2013–2015
Founding Member: Boulder Laptop Orchestra “BLOrk” 2007
CMCI Community and Diversity Committee member 2015–2017

Editorial Assistant: “Music Theory Online,” scholarly journal for the Society of Music Theory 2012–2016
Manager: Software and Hardware Lab Designer and Manager for Reel Kids Theater Troupe 2013–2016
Web Assistant: CU-Boulder College of Music 2013–2015
Paper Reviewer: American Society for Engineering Education Conference and Exposition 2015
Exchange of Midwest Collegiate Composers (EMCC) CU faculty coordinator 2015

Director, Producer: Hurry and Be Still, ATLAS Black Box, with BISoN Ensemble 2016
Director, Producer: CMCI Media Arts Mashup, ATLAS Black Box, with BISoN Ensemble 2016
Co-director, Producer, Artist: Giant Musical Fantasia, with the Boulder Laptop Orchestra 2015
Director, Producer, Artist: Nothing Suspended, with Third Coast Percussion 2012
Director, Producer, Artist: Slow and Pretty Things (CD), for alz.org 2012
Director, Producer, Artist: I Am Watch Television Zombie 2012
Co-director, Producer, Artist: Casanova at Twilight 2011
Director, Producer, Artist: Hullo, My Name is Lily Foster 2010
Director, Producer, Artist: Gi•nt’s Eye 2008
Director, Producer, Artist: Elysium 2007
Director, Producer, Artist: Centered in the Circle (CD), for CWRU Education Support Services 2006

Sound Designer, Composer, Artist: The Firestorm, Meridith Friedman and LOCAL Theater Co. 2016
Sound Designer, Composer, Artist: FAITH, James McLindon and LOCAL Theater Co. 2015
Multimedia Director: Frontiers and Raindrops, Pendulum New Music 2015
Multimedia Director: The Dark Prophet Falls, Pendulum New Music 2014
Multimedia Director, Artist: Boxes, Director Raechel Sherwood 2013
Multimedia Director, Artist: Night Flows Through Me, Pendulum New Music 2013
Multimedia Director, Artist: Light, a Musical Journey, Director Kari Kraakevik 2012
Multimedia Director, Artist: Ice Cirque Finger Paint, Pendulum New Music 2012
Multimedia Director, Artist: Legos Leading Home, Pendulum New Music 2011
Multimedia Director, Composer: Armor, Amour (audio book), with Ninebark Press 2010
Multimedia Director, Artist: Tethered, Director Maximilian Shiffman 2010
Multimedia Director, Artist: China Through the Lens of Piano Music, Director Hsing-ay Hsu 2009

Multimedia Producer: The Clever Artifice of Harriet and Margaret, Director Leanna Kirchoff 2014
Multimedia Producer: And Yet It Moves, Director Nathan Hall 2013
Multimedia Producer: Tame Your Man, Director Nathan Hall 2012
Multimedia Producer: Honk! Rocky Mountain Theater for Kids 2011
Multimedia Producer: She Waded Through Time, Director Nicole Degesse 2010
Multimedia Producer: There Came a Voice, Director Jacob Herold 2010
Multimedia Producer: She, Director Esmeralda Kundanis-Grow 2010

Media Designer: Colorado Clarinet Days 2014
Media Manager: Pendulum New Music 2009–2012
Media Designer: Ensemble Pearl 2012
Media Designer: Center for British and Irish Studies 2010–2012
Adjudicator: Sound in SPACE – Northeastern University electroacoustic composition competition 2011
Boulder Media Director: Bridging Imaginary Boundaries, Director Tom Beyer 2011
Multimedia Director: A Spill, Director Ryan Wurst 2009
Member: ATLAS Arts Media and Performance Director Search Committee 2009
Music Director, Composer: Alizarin’s World by Numbers (video game), by CWRU Virtual Worlds Lab 2006
Student member: Music Tech Committee, IT Strategic Committee, Pendulum Committee 2007–2013
President: Music Undergraduate Student Involvement Committee, CWRU 2004–2006

Selected Works

Notable Commissions and Performances

Hunger Dreams in Flocks – media and performance artist
Premiered in ATLAS Black Box
Selected for Electroacoustic Barn Dance, NYCEMF, EMM, SEAMUS, New Horizons Festival 2015

Slow and Pretty Things – compact disk featuring processed string orchestra, choir, brass, and oboe
Premiered on WDRT Wisconsin Community Radio, Pendulum New Music Series 2012

Circles on Quiet Water – for narrating violist and electronics
Commissioned by Cassandra Mueller and the CU Boulder Dean’s Graduate Student Grants 2011

Monster Party – for twenty violins and video media
Commissioned by Lina Bahn and the CU string department
Featuring original artwork and animation from Stefan G. Bucher
Premiered at the Pendulum New Music Series 2011

H.W. Pennywell and His Unstoppable Robot Army of Doom – for wind ensemble
Commissioned by the George Lynn Prize
Premiered by the CU Boulder Wind Symphony 2010

Ohia and Lehua – for alto saxophone and electronics
Commissioned by Anne Levy as part of the Edward Levy Prize
Premiered at the Pendulum New Music Series, EMCC
Manchester New Music Festival, Aspen Composers Conference, Studio 300, Playground Ensemble’s Here and Now 2010

Harry Potter Returns to Hogwarts – for Wii remote and electronics
Commissioned by Case Western Reserve University
Premiered at Amasa Stone Chapel for the Case Western / CIM Joint Music Celebration 2008

Multimedia Installations

Meander – video installation with Michael Theodore 2016
National Center for Atmospheric Research (equirectangular projection), Science on a Sphere (spherical projection)

E2ude – video installation
Denver Museum of Art, as part of the “Untitled Series” 2011

Elements – video installation featuring performances by [my name], Anna Seda, and Alarm Will Sound,
Boulder Public Library, Cal State Fullerton New Music Festival, BISoN Migration Tour 2011, 2015, 2016

Hullo, My Name is Lily Foster – for interactive video with 13 accompanying paintings
CU-Boulder ATLAS (in addition to two full evening length performances) 2010

Purple Donkey Pomegranate – for interactive player piano, produced by E.J. Posselius
CU-Boulder ATLAS 2009

Crumb at 80 – video installation
CU-Boulder ATLAS 2009

Publications and Presentations

Presentations and Research Publications

Ewen, Hunter, Kathleen Theisen. “Nurturing the Inner Composer” Breakout session presented at National Conference for Keyboard Pedagogy, July 2017

Ewen, Hunter. Musical Composition in Max: Strategies for Digital Creativity. New York: Routledge. Book in progress (2018 release date)

Ewen, Hunter. “ॐΩ♂ (Om Ohm Homme) and the Nature of iPad-Driven Works” Performance-presentation at Colorado State Music Teacher’s Association State Conference, June 2017

Ewen, Hunter. “Meander: Links Between Scientific and Creative Workflows in Nonfiction Filmmaking.” Panel presentation and discussion at National Center for Atmospheric Research, October 2016

Ewen, Hunter. “Undirected Direction: Using Interactive Film, Image, and Sound to Facilitate Creativity in Live Performance.” Lecture presented at Brakhage Center Speaker Series, September 2016

Ewen, Hunter. “The iPad Quintet: An Academic Swiss Army Knife.” Workshop presented at the Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology (COLTT) conference, August 2016

Ewen, Hunter. “Music Visualization, Subtext, and Audience Retention.” Paper presented at Aspen Composers Conference 2016, August 2016

Ewen, Hunter. “Visualization and Subtext: Exalting the Notation-Free Score.” Presented at BEAST FEaST 2016, Birmingham, England, May 2016

Ewen, Hunter. “Numbers, Notes, and Emotion: the Math that Makes Music Beautiful.” Presented at the Mathematics of Science, Art, Industry, Culture (MoSAIC) festival, April 2016

Ewen, Hunter. “Teaching Music Visually: Visualization from a Performer’s Perspective.” Lecture presented to Pike’s Peak Music Teacher’s Association, February 2016

Ewen, Hunter. “Live Coding in Max: Balancing Virtuosity and Practicality.” Paper presented at Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) National Conference, February 2016

Ewen, Hunter. “Visualizing Music in the Classroom.” CSMTA Notes and News (October 2015): 6–25.

Ewen, Hunter. “Visualization and Subtext: Why I Create Scores for the Audience.” Paper presented at Electroacoustic Barn Dance, October 2015

Ewen, Hunter. “Visualization from a Composer’s Perspective.” Presented at Colorado State Music Teacher’s Association Conference, June 2015

Goodman, Katherine, [my name], Jiffer Harriman, and Jean Hertzberg. “Aesthetics of Design: a Case Study of a Course.” Paper presented at American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference’s Best of Design in Engineering Education Division, June 2015

Ewen, Hunter. “Randomness in the Arts: Apophenia, Bias, and Why Sometimes Less is More.” Presented at CU Alliance for Technology, Learning and Society’s Technology Arts and Media (ATLAS TAM) Workshop Series, March 2015

Ewen, Hunter. “Architecture of Music: Reimagining Live Music Through Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Body Suits and Computers.” Presented at Denver Botanic Gardens and CU Museum of Natural History, January 2015

Ewen, Hunter. “Music Is a Visual Art.” Presented at TedxBoulder, September 2014

Harriman, Jiffer, Michael Theodore, Nikolas Correll, [my name]. “endo/exo: Making Art and Music with Distributed Computing.” Poster presented at the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), London, England, July 2014

Ewen, Hunter. “Discovering MIDI.” Presented at the Learner’s Lunch, University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO, February 2014

Leong, Daphne and [my name]. “Fuzzy Relations in Analysis and Performance: Schoenberg's Op. 19 No. 4,” Paper presented at the West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis, University of California at Irvine, March 2013

Leong, Daphne, and [my name]. “Schoenberg’s Sechs kleine Klavierstücke Op.19 No.4: Score as Recipe.” In The Performer’s Voice: Analysis and Performance in Music of the 20th Century, ed. Leong. West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis, UC Irvine, March 2013. Book in progress

Leong, Daphne, and [my name]. “Performance of the Asymmetrical Meters in the Trio of Bartók’s Fifth String Quartet Scherzo,” Society for Music Theory, American Musicological Society, and Society for Ethnomusicology National Conference, New Orleans, November 3, 2012. ed. Leong. Book in progress

Ewen, Hunter. “Why we like bad music.” Paper presented at the Midwestern Collegiate Composers Exchange,
Kansas City, MO, April 2011

Research Assistant: Leong, Daphne. “A rhythmic problem in Bartók’s fifth string quartet,” Keynote presentation, Special Symposium on Performance and Analysis, Indiana University, February 2009

Ewen, Hunter, and Leah Buechley. “Developing a reactive body suit with modular appendage design.”
Presented at Arizona State University’s “Arts, Media, and Engineering” lecture series, Phoenix, AZ, February 2008

Ewen, Hunter, and Chris Parker. “On the Development and Implementation of a Gesture-Based, Side-Scrolling Video Game.” Presented at Great Lakes Science Center’s Technology Showcase, February 2007

Ewen, Hunter. “Measuring how effectively digital synthesizers replicate live sounds.” Poster presented at Case
Western SOURCE Symposium, Cleveland, OH, April 2006

Selected Music Publications

Open Me – for soprano and piano
Recorded for Pulitzer Prize nominated Armor, Amour (auth. Amy Pence), by Ninebark Press 2012
Published by Ouroboros Review 2008

Alto Sax: Romantic Pieces – Rachmaninoff, Schubert, and Gluck, Music Minus One 2012

Aria – adapted from Eugène Bozza (for sax and string orchestra), Alphonse Leduc 2006
Recorded by Krzysztof Penderecki and the Beethoven Academy Orchestra, Centaur Records 2007

Concerto for Saxophone –adapted from Alan Hovhaness, Hovhaness-Fujihara Publishing 2006

Travels – for SATB saxophone quartet, published and distributed by Dorn Publications 2003

Software Experience

Music engraving: Finale, Sibelius, LilyPond
Synthesis: ProTools, Audacity, DP, Reason, Kontakt, Logic, Soundtrack, Ableton, GarageBand, Soundbooth
Music programming: Max/MSP, Pure Data, Supercollider, ChucK
Non-standard engraving: Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity
Sound analysis: Sonic Visualizer, Sonogram Visual Speech, Music21, Humdrum
Physical computing: Arduino/RedBoard, LilyPad, XBee, LabView
Video editing: Final Cut Pro X, Motion, iMovie, After Effects, Premiere
Graphic synthesis: Processing, Jitter, Quartz Composer, Trapcode Particular
Web editing: Actionscript, Dreamweaver, HTML, PHP, CSS
3D design: Autodesk 3ds Max, Solidworks, Pro/E, AutoCAD, CadSoft EAGLE
Technical programming: Matlab, Mathematica, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, NQC

Hardware Experience

Electronic musical instrument design, PCB design, drone operation and modification (certified drone pilot by CU-Boulder), stereolithography, CNC machine operation, carbon fiber hydrographics, soldering, TIG welding, variable resistance textiles, micro-air vehicle design, servomotor controls, technical drafting, serial communication interfaces, UI controllers, wireless hardware control using radio signals, Bluetooth, IR, and UDP methodologies

Selected Performance Experience


LEDpaint – [my name] 2012
Introverted – Hugh Lobel 2012
Ohia and Lehua – [my name] 2012
I am Watch Television Zombie – [my name] 2012
Guest saxophonist – Here and Now, Playground Ensemble 2011
Guest saxophonist – EMCC Composer Exchange 2011
Music Circus – John Cage 2011
Ohia and Lehua – [my name], Studio 300 Festival 2010
Elements – [my name] 2009
Laplace Transformers – [my name] 2007
Guest saxophonist – GammaUT 2007
Hamelin, After the Rats – [my name] 2005
Principal Saxophonist – Deceptively Dull Saxophone Quartet 2003–2007


Boulder Playback Theater 2015–2017
Gi•nt’s Eye – [my name] 2008


The Cake of 1,000 Waterfalls – with Throw Down or Shut Up! 2015–2016
You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown – Linus – directed by Kari Kraakevik 2015
Light: A Musical Journey – ATLAS Black Box 2012
Monster Party – [my name] 2011
Tethered – Maximilian Shiffman 2010


CU @ Gravity – Various 2013
Red River Folk Tale – [my name] 2011
Harry Potter Returns to Hogwarts – [my name] 2008
Boulder Laptop Orchestra “BLOrk” performer – Various 2007–2011


Atlas Eclipticalis – John Cage 2012
Radio Music – [my name] 2011
In the Key of Dir-tay – Michael Theodore 2011
Elements – [my name] 2009
Gi•nt’s Eye – [my name] 2008

Dance & Movement-Based Performance Art

Guinness World Record – Most Balloons Inflated in 1 Hour (910) 2015
Guinness World Record – Most Balloons Inflated in 1 Minute (18) 2015
You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown – Linus – directed by Kari Kraakevik 2015
Casanova at Twilight (the Hussar’s Verbunkos) – [my name] 2012
I am Watch Television Zombie – [my name] 2012


Hurry and Be Still – with BISoN Ensemble 2016
Sea Foam Cotton Undertoes – with Verdant Vibes 2016
Hunger Dreams in Flocks – [my name] 2015
Casanova at Twilight – [my name] 2012
Three Vignettes of Job – Anthony Green 2011
Secrets of Foog’s Gate – [my name] 2007

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