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1st lesson free!

Graduate of Computer Science with over 6 years professional experience teaching Basic ICT skills to kids from Grade 1 to 6. Coding using Scratch and MBot. I always ensure learning is fun with your kid

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Lessons are not generalized but individualized. This is because every child is unique with their special abilities.

The best of technology and methodology is employed to give your child the best of education and training in ICT.

Special classes can also be given for children preparing to write exams.

Watch your child transform to your satisfaction under my tutelage.


  • Computer programming


  • English


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  • Secondary
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    National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE)

    Adult education






About Laurina

I am an enthusiastic educator who is passionate about transferring knowledge.

I love ICT because it makes our work easy and makes life better. Don't you just love how you can easily do some chores just by pressing a button? I love it!

I want to show you why the world revolves around ICT and that you can contribute as well.



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  • ₦4000/h

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Find out more about Laurina

  • 01

    Can you tell us about your first experience using a computer?

    😊 you won't believe it! That was in 2007, I was scared to hold a mouse! Can you believe that? Haha. I had gone to learn Desktop Publishing in a computer center as it was called then. Computer Appreciation was the first thing to learn. I have come a long way now.

  • 02

    What is the technological evolution that has marked you most and what will be, in your eyes, a turning point in this field?

    AI. Artificial Intelligence will always be the turning point in IT. It's impact will be felt forever in this field even in teaching. I look forward to maximizing it as an educator.

  • 03

    Explain your expertise, your interest in it and, more broadly, its importance in the computer world.

    Coding and Robotics for kids and young adults. I love how technology makes our lives better and easy. I have always been interested in controlling things and getting things done quickly. That could be as a result of being the first child. That's why I also think I may be interested in IoT.

    We are now in an age where the computer is involved in everything and right now in my country, I want to be part of those empowering the next generation in making IT and computing. I want to get my hands dirty and equip the younger ones to innovate and create solutions for our world.

  • 04

    Do so-called 'visionaries', such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg inspire you or do you have other role models?

    Yes, they inspire me in taking the move. You get that idea? Work on it. It may just lead to something phenomenally awesome

  • 05

    Provide a valuable anecdote related to your subject or your days at school

    I studied Computer Science for my undergraduate degree. You know how people think you know everything? Haha. Well, it so happened that on the day of the interview in one of the schools I taught early in my teaching career, there on the wall were two whiteboards. I had never seen a smartboard before that time though I had heard of it. Would you believe that during that interview, I tried writing on the smartboard with a marker? Well, those on the interview panel had to tell me not to. It was quite embarrassing but it's funny now.

  • 06

    What would you say to an uncomfortable person in front of a screen who says that "IT is too complicated"?

    You remember how I said I was afraid of the mouse? Now, look at me! Can you believe that?! There's nothing to be scared of. It's not difficult. Just make sure to practice again and again and you will be fine.

  • 07

    What are your other passions, related or non-related to computers?

    I love volunteering, teen coaching, mentoring teens and young adults and facilitating.

  • 08

    What makes you a Superprof in IT?

    I keep learning and evolving, giving out and passing on knowledge. Technology evolves every day and to be a Superprof, I must keep learning as well.

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