Now and then, new artists sprout up. Out of the thousands of budding singers in Nigeria, one of the best ways to stand out is if you invest in your voice. Taking singing lessons is so beneficial and it allows you to explore so many other things. 

However, for your singing success, it's very important to get yourself a voice coach that is perfect for you. Not only will it help your musicianship, but it will also give you the confidence you need to eliminate stage fright and have great singing and performing experience. 

It's true these few words may not convince you enough to consider voice training. This is why we have listed below 15 great reasons to consider vocal training: 

1.  A Perfect Opportunity To Learn To Sing Your Best Songs

Imagine how lonely it'll be if you can't sing along to your favourite song. Indeed, it's a given that we can sing our best songs in the shower, or anywhere private. 

Your dopamine levels are off the roof when you can sing your favourite song comfortably! 

However, when you're going to karaoke with friends, for instance, you suddenly develop performance anxiety or you shy away from singing in public. This is where voice training comes in. Part of a voice trainer's primary job is to instil confidence in his/her students while helping to develop your vocal cord, voice techniques and a lot more through voice exercises and training on music theory. With these, you can finally achieve your singing potential. 

Once you learn how to sing with vocal exercises like breath control, vocal warmups and how to properly use your diaphragm, you will become a lot more confident when recording or performing your favourite songs. From here, you can ease into becoming a professional recording artist.

Getting over your stage fear and improving your stage presence is all part of the process of learning to sing. Professional singers can also benefit from a voice coach through performance coaching and constant tips to help improve their singing ability.  

2.  Make A Career Of Your Singing Voice

Aside from the fact that you get to meet important people and great singers, appear on TV, have the backing of fans, and live a luxurious life, there's the feeling of fulfilment you get when you become successful from music. 

The music industry offers so many career opportunities. You can work your way up to become: 

  • A Voice teacher at a reputable art school
  • A professional musician (solo artist, part of a group)
  • A school music teacher
  • A private singing teacher
  • A songwriting genius or composer
  • A music researcher

The singing skills you acquire during your voice lessons such as singing techniques, breathing techniques and more will aid a successful career in music. 

stage presence
Want to get over stage fright and improve your stage presence? Try singing classes. Photo Credit: Unsplash

3.  Become One Of The Famous Singers In the World

The likes of Tiwa Savage, Waje, Yemi Alade, Cobhams, Wizkid, and Burna Boy have successfully brought Nigeria to the world. 

Indeed artists like Johnny Drille and Niniola became famous after TV talent shows. However, you don't need to win singing auditions to become famous as is the case of the formerly mentioned artists. Sometimes, all you just need is an appearance in one of those shows and it can set you in the spotlight. 

4.  Learn Singing in Harmony With Other Singers

Learning how to harmonise is very important if you want to sing in a lot of genres including choral recital, opera, classical music, and others. 

How are harmonies made?

They are produced when chords are broken down and are used to create cadences which are what give songs their musicality. During your vocal lessons, you will learn about finding harmonies within arrangements and using them to make a composition richer. 

5.  Overcome The Tone-Deaf Stage With Vocal Coaching

Taking just one singing lesson can relieve you of the days you sang off-key; ear training is one of the key concepts you will learn.

Despite the general belief, anyone can learn to sing perfectly even if they don't have a natural singing ability.

All you need a singing coach who's dedicated to teaching singing in a way that's personalised for you.  

The reason why you can't reproduce melodies accurately is as a result of low strength in the part of the body that contributes to the voice. With the right singing teachers who give proper singing tips on vocal health and warm-ups, your body will get used to singing as you will start finding it easier to carry a melody. Technically, you can become a singer if you want! It's not impossible!

6.  Develop Your Musical Style

Tone quality as regards voice differs. Even when you're covering a song, singing the exact way the original owner sang is almost impossible. 

As a singer, you must put on your creative hat and recreate a style particular to you. Using your musical styles to the lyrics and melody of a cover just gives it a unique feel. Online singing lessons will help you find out your voice texture and help you improve your singing voice. 

Voice Techniques
Discover another side of happiness with singing classes. Photo Credit: Unsplash

7.   Serenade With Music 

Asides serenading the love of your life with a romantic song did you know you can make money by serenading others?

Yes. Your music business journey can start simply because of your private singing lessons. Also, your singing classes will give you a good idea of the kind of songs that will suit your vocal style.  

8.  Sing and Play A Musical Instrument As Accompaniment 

To improve your singing techniques, always warm up your voice properly. A musical instrument can guide you on this. For instance, learning to play the guitar is not only great for finding a certain pitch and keeping you in key, but also perfect for complementing your originals and covers. You can easily perform on stage as a solo artist. 

The Piano is also another instrument to learn. It is the most commonly used instrument during music lessons. Asides, vocal coaches, composers, conductors and a lot of musically inclined people use the piano in their work. Just as learning other musical instruments, the piano will allow you to understand the music theory better. 

Also, nothing is as great as being able to have a more refined songwriting skill. Learning a musical instrument does that!

9.  Learn Music Business

Your interest in music and singing can help you on your musical journey. You can become interested in artist development, become a manager and generally learn how the music business works!

Remember, music is an extremely lucrative business if you know your onions. 

10.  Grow Your Language Learning Vocabulary Through Singing

Yes, music is such a universal language, that it's easier to learn a language through singing it than speech. Constant singing practices allow you to acquire the musicality of language. It helps to identify the sounds that make up the language. 

For instance, a lot of Nigerian languages are tonal. If you can successfully sing a song in another dialect, you've successfully learned a part of the language. 

11. Learn To Sing To Improve Public Speaking

Speech level singing works! Constantly practicing stage presence while singing will eliminate that fear-inducing experience.

So, say goodbye low self-confidence as singing can help cure you of that. During your singing class, your vocal trainer will show you ways to overcome public fear. 

Public speaking
Since everything is attached to confidence, your shaky-voice days are over thanks to singing. Photo Credit: Unsplash

12.  Singing Boosts Your Mental and Physical Health

Try singing your favourite song for a second and observe how you'd feel after. Singing increases your dopamine levels just the same way physical exercises and good food does. 

Additionally, exercising your voice requires energy and it can serve as a great way of exercising your voice without using the gym. 

13 Explore Music History

Asides from singing and all the exercises, your voice trainer should be knowledgable about the matters of the music industry.

Technically, you should know music theory, terminologies and other aspects of music. No matter your genre, your teacher is expected to help you broaden your knowledge of music evolution. 

14.  Discover New Musical Genres Through Voice Training Lessons

One of the best ways of leaving your bubble is through vocal training. You get to discover different music genres and how your voice will sound when you're singing in the specific style required of the genre. 

If you'd like to challenge yourself, try singing in different genres like Jazz, pop, classical music, rock and a lot of others. It helps broaden your vocal range and you won't be restricted to just one genre. 

15.  A Voice Coach Will Increase Your Chances Of Being Accepted At A Conservatoire

For serious-minded musicians, a vocal coach is very important. Especially if you're interested in professional music courses, going for a voice teacher is one of your best options yet. 

Your chances of getting admitted into institutions such as these will double instantly!

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