Singing, as you would have figured out, is a thrilling activity that everyone partakes in. 

Whether as a career or just for fun, its benefits are remarkable! For instance, your chances of learning a new language while singing is faster compared to speech. 

No wonder people who are oblivious to a new language can easily catch up through singing. Your brain just naturally adapts to the rhythms and sound components of the language. 

In case you never knew, training your voice can help you achieve higher feats while singing. You'd be shocked at how magical your voice becomes especially if you get a professional private tutor.

For Nigerians who would like to partake in competitions, taking singing lessons is very crucial

Learn How To Sing By Finding A Voice Coach Through Local Adverts

This is the most traditional method. Within your area, you will find banners, handwritten-on-the-wall adverts, or pamphlets through a friend, of voice coaches advertising their services. 

It's everywhere; at the mall, in church, sometimes in local newspapers. With the coming of social media, more voice teachers are posting adverts online for students who are interested in singing tips, expanding their vocal range and other aspects of vocal training. 

Before you start your voice coaching classes, you should think about what you want to take lessons for. Here are some outlines to consider:

  • Improving the dexterity of your diction. 
  • Increasing your repertoire
  • Expanding your singing technique and tone quality
  • Working on breathing exercises and improving overall breathing techniques
  • Seamlessly using your diaphragm to control your vibrato

When you're looking for a teacher with the right expertise suited for your needs, music stores/shops are a great place to ask. Most stores have music specialists that can be consulted to advise on a variety of local singing teachers.

Another alternative is by referrals. If you take your time to ask around, you'd not only find a music teacher but you'll also have a wealth of reviews about them. That way, you can decide whether to take vocal lessons from them or not. 

Social media has also made access to a singing coach seamless. With so many possibilities online, it's quite impossible to not find a teacher tailored to your needs.

So, if you're an aspiring musician, performer, into the arts and theatre space or just generally interested in music, your vocal coach can help achieve your desired plans. 

Getting the right singing lessons can turn your voice into an indispensable instrument. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Find A Vocal Coach Through Any Music School

It's normal to be concerned about the quality of your singing lesson. In this case, finding a teacher at an academy of music is a great idea. Not only would your voice training allow you to learn to sing a lot more than you do now, but you'll also be able to:

  • Expand your breath control
  • Hold the correct posture
  • Follow a score
  • Find your head voice
  • Learn what works for your vocal health
  • Learn new and existing vocal warmups
  • Learn the musical styles that have been used throughout history and a lot more. 

Vocal coaches in music schools have a wealth of musical qualifications that match their experience. 

So, whether you're taking private singing lessons as beginners or aiming for singing success, a music teacher's objective is to help find your vocal type and select the relevant pieces needed to develop their singing style, 

Creating sessions for each person can help with ear training and inculcate overall confidence in performers or for people who want to begin singing. Individualistic sessions help them ease into the texture and tonality of their voice. 

Because of their professionalism, music teachers in the college of music can ease into personalised music lessons of any level. So, it doesn't matter whether the student is a professional recording artist or a beginner preparing for their first singing auditions. 

Additionally, if a student has a personal goal, their lessons can be tailored by the music teacher to help achieve their goals. 

For example, if a student is tone-deaf, is interested in songwriting sessions, singing teachers can focus more on that. 

In the same manner, a student who is interested in music performance can be trained on specific aspects that include:

  • Helping to reduce performance anxiety or stage fright. 
  • Help expand their stage presence and musical expression. 
  • Give singing exercises and singing techniques for professional recording

Whatever training a student receives, it will help them develop as a musician and help make the right decisions as they kickstart a potential musical career. 

Here are some music schools in major cities in Nigeria where you can find a vocal coach:

  • The Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON), Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Ten strings Music Institute, Lagos, Nigeria. 
  • The Strauss School of Music and Dance, Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Lani Stephens Music Institute, Jos, Nigeria.
  • Bola Are School of Gospel Music, Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Piano School of Music, Benin, Nigeria.

Since geographical locations matter, your option will vary ( a wide range of options if you're in a major city and limited options when you're not) Also, the price range is not fixed as each state has its specific tuition fee. However, you can go online and search for a  ' voice trainer near me ' to help find singing tutors, have an idea of the cost of singing lessons and kickstart your singing classes. 

Music theatre and performing arts students can choose between two types of coaching; group singing lessons or private lessons.

  1. Group Singing Class: Group classes are the best option when you're concerned about affordability. It also allows you to compare your voice with others. Group sessions will as well, help you learn a lot more about your singing style and help place you in groups that can curb whatever musical bad habits you've developed over time. During your singing workshops, you will be joined with people at a similar level to yours. This will make sure that everyone can learn how to sing properly, thereby, allowing every student to benefit from the session equally. 
  2. Private Classes: For people interested in private classes, you're in for a treat! Although a lot costlier, you experience an individualised learning experience. 

Your decision to finding a vocal trainer at a music school will be solely dependent on your budget and the goals you're planning on achieving. However, be at rest, because there's a lot of advice available to make sure you choose the right singing tutor. 

Keep in mind that wherever you find your singing teacher, you will have to do vocal warmups and practice your vocal techniques in between your classes.  Photo Credit: Unsplash

Go To A Conservatoire To Study Voice

Whether you're performing alone or with a group, you can easily get a music degree from studying at this institution. 

There's a difference between people that teach at music schools and a conservatoire. Most vocal coaches at a music school have a lesser level of expertise than their counterparts at a conservatoire. 

For instance, several musical academies such as these only accept very dedicated musicians. Since this type of establishment is viewed as a kind of specialist university, you have to have finished your secondary school education at 16-18 years of age. They offer a bachelor's, masters and Ph.D. qualifications in a wide range of subjects. For example, if you're thinking about pursuing singing, courses like vocal studies or traditional music will place you well on your career path. You'll also learn a lot about music theory since it relies heavily on it. 

While there are no standard conservatoires in Nigeria, you can choose to learn in similar certified music schools and proceed to study music at any University of your choice. 

Afterwards, you should consider opting for a scholarship or travelling abroad if you'd like to still experience conservatoires at an advanced level. 

Just as it is in the university, students in conservatoires can focus on their interests. For instance, if you're particular about musical theatre performance or opera, you'll have access to courses that are designed in this manner. 

Additionally, you'll learn about performing as part of an ensemble where you're accompanied by other singers, a pianist or an orchestra. 

Opera Music
Training your voice will help develop overall confidence while on stage. Photo Credit: Freepik - Macrovector

Find Online Singing Lessons

As stated earlier, the internet has made vocal coaches available to everyone. However, what matters is finding the right singing teacher than can help beginners or amateurs broaden their knowledge and fulfill their potential in music. 

Being able to search for music teachers online means that you have access to more information than you will if you're dependent on local adverts. Vocal trainers can share more about their qualifications and personal experiences without having to be contacted first by any student. 

Platforms like Superprof will allow students to check for these as well as reviews from past students. This will help them decide which teacher is more suitable for them. 

Making the right decision depends on a lot of factors. They include:

  • The lesson format
  • The tutor's qualification level
  • The hourly rates for lessons
  • The teacher's professional teaching experience
  • The teacher's specific niche (contemporary, opera, indie, gospel, and more)

Private singing classes give you a more personalised teaching method. Your vocal coach will create lessons particular to your specific needs and goals. Technically, having a personal voice trainer will help you advance every day in your musical career. However, the only way you can see growth is when you constantly practise in between your lessons.

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