A while back, crafting was a skill mostly done only by women. Nowadays, it’s a pleasurable pastime enjoyed by both genders. Although, over the years, research has it that the gender mostly involved in fashion designing is female. However, things are fast evolving, it may only take a couple of years for men to catch up in the design industry. Also, there is a rise in demand for male fashion designers. Since the market isn't so saturated yet, consider learning how to sew to begin your journey into the fashion industry. 

Pros Of Learning How To Sew

Sewing is a beneficial activity. It can be very therapeutic to your mental and physical health. Also, assuming you'd like to start a fashion career (fashion design niches range from pattern making to costume design and textile design amongst others), you may want to consider learning how to sew. 

Additionally, it's not just sewing that has that healing power, sketching, painting, knitting amongst others can bring the peace of mind you need. 

The Emotional Benefits

If you decide to opt for sewing lessons, attend a sewing workshop, plan to expand by getting a fashion design degree, or simply just learn how to sew, it can easily take your mind off everything else. 

The advantage of being in the fashion world is how therapeutic it gets. While sewing, for instance, your mind is focused completely on the task at hand. You can also easily sit back and relax and as you become better, it becomes more of a mindless task. If you're desperately craving a "me time", sewing can help you do that. You'd effortlessly be able to connect with your thoughts and ease out from there. 

If you plan to expand your fashion design course and flow into different fashion careers, staying ahead of fashion trends can help you on your journey to becoming a trendsetter in fashion today!

Taking your fashion styling beyond just sewing to a professional fashion designer can be a dream come true for others. Perhaps one of the reasons why we love sewing is because unlike some other stress-relieving activity (like drinking wine or seeing a movie) you get to do something physically productive while getting relieved from stress.

What's best is that you can even do other stress-relieving activities (like dancing and singing) while sewing or knitting. 

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Fashion Degree
If you'd like an activity that will take your mind off all of the bustles of life and technology, consider sewing and all of its stress-relieving health benefits. Photo Credit: Freepik

Tailoring certainly makes people happy. In fact, you're most likely going to release a lot of dopamine from recreating something you learned in your fashion design courses!

For people who are looking at reaching certain career goals, the fashion industry can be very kind; in the sense that there's never an oversaturated market with any design services you choose to offer. You can even start your own fashion house and doing your own fashion merchandising. 

However, if your dreams of fashion design aren't as far-fetched, learning to sew certainly helps in lightening your mood. You can always get yourself personalised haute couture gifts or challenge yourself to make different wears like knitwear, menswear, sportswear, womenswear, ready to wear outfits amongst others. 

Physical Health Benefits 

You may be wondering how picking up a needle and thread can be beneficial to your health. However scientific research has proven this to be true.

When you're using your technical skills on sewing items or a sewing machine, it helps improve your coordination and concentration skills. For older people, it can help them focus more and even strengthen their eyesight. 

Improving your sewing techniques can help you advance your creative design ideas and will even influence the type of design clothing you do. 

Just like reading, sewing keeps your brain engaged. Also,  the same way you exercise your muscles, sewing can help strengthen your brain tissues. People who suffer from dementia can also gain from sewing as it motivates you to enjoy the current process and be completely focused on the task at hand. 

If you'd like to learn more about design technology and get acquainted with the best fashion, taking interest in sewing is a great start. 

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Fashion Designing
You can learn sewing regardless of what gender class you're in. Photo Credit: Freepik

Benefits of Fashion Courses For The Ibadan Youth

Global fashion has evolved. More fashion designers are using technology to achieve a computer-aided design. If you choose to become a fashion designer, you can select from the wide range of careers in fashion to work with. 

Are you still contemplating whether to go to a school of design or start a fashion course?

The first thing you should note is simple. Learning to sew will expose you to so many opportunities. So much that you can have your clothing line. 

In the case where you perfectly hone this craft, you're surely going to get more clients coming to you during different holidays or special days. Additionally, if you advance by getting design degrees or design education, the chances of your outfits becoming an international fashion are high. 

It's important to brush up on your business skills as you would be needing that if you're planning to excel in the top fashion industry. The business of fashion is very wide and choosing to study it well before starting your career in the art and design world is a good idea. Technically, you can make a living from fashion if you pay close attention to all the details. 

Another benefit is the fact that you get to save up a lot. Rather than spend so much on buying a garment for any occasion, you can simply just make it. Rather, you will notice more people would like to patronize you when you're good at what you do. 

As we all know, the unemployment rate in Nigeria is very high. As a 21st century youth in Ibadan, it's necessary to take your future by the horns. Going to tailoring schools, or picking up an interest in tailoring can easily place you ahead of your peers. You can become a gainfully self-employed fashion illustrator or designer. 

Also, for people who would like to take a break from social media or addiction that's related to their mobile phones, taking up sewing can help with that. Perhaps this is why it is so unique. You get to enjoy the benefits of a me-time while creating something exceptional. 

Fashion and design are so advantageous! What even makes it a lot more fun is the fact that you can make some money while at it.

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Sewing Machines
Fashion designing is truly the job of a creative mind. Over the years, you get to invent your own styles and dress patterns. Who knows? You can even become a popular trendsetter! Photo Credit: Freepik

How To Find Tailoring Classes Near Me

If you're interested in learning how to sew, there are several places you can learn in Ibadan.  

For people who are more inclined to learning at a fashion design school, here are some suggested places to visit: 

Tolumi TFP Fashion School

Situated at Okunola Abas street, not only is this institute a fabric shop, but they also offer classes for all levels. They offer courses in pattern drafting, full fashion amongst others. Just as the school stated above, you can enrol for any level you'd like to focus on.

Ibadan City Fashion College

Located at Ajia street, Ibadan, they offer hands-on practical classes on sewing for beginners, intermediate and advanced fashion designers. They also offer courses that will bag you government-approved qualifications that includes NABTEB, CITY AND GUILD and FEDERAL TRADE CERTIFICATION TEST.

You should consider going to this school if you'd like to advance your career in the fashion world.

However, if you'll prefer getting a private instructor, there are several fashion designers under the Superprof platform willing to teach you all of the basic and advanced fashion courses you need to improve your craft.

If you're not convinced by the searches listed here or they're not close to where you stay, try making extra searches or asking for recommended places in your area. With all of the benefits that come with sewing, you don't want to miss out on any of them!

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