Just as artists find pleasure in making their art, sewists also have this in common. Artworks represent different things to different people. This perspective also reflects in the fashion industry. For every tailor or fashion designer you come across, there's always an interpretation which is exhibited differently by the audience.

However, unlike artworks, fashion is a lot more - it is art and living (clothing). So, you can understand why a lot of fashion designers dedicate their life, time and energy into this eternal work of art.

Fashion is a gift, a statement, a dose of dopamine, a stress-reliever, and so much more! You don't believe it? Offer to change someone's wardrobe every month and see their reaction every time.

If you choose to become a fashion designer, understand that you will need a lot of dedication. Away from a fashion design degree, a clothing line or even the fashion business, what separates you from every other person is how your sewing techniques have been uniquely utilized.

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You can hone your technical skills by practising using different fabric types for hand sewing, pattern making, and more. Photo Credit: Freepik - @rawpixel

Beginner Sewing Basics For Hand Sewing

Learning to sew can serve as a great opportunity for you to explore your artistic skills. You can be the creator of so many things within the design and fashion space! So whether you're making a dress, recreating a waistband, designing blouses, your level of creativity is limited only to your imagination.

Creativity in fashion is endless!

Yes, creativity in home sewing is not restricted to just hems on fabric, mending/making alterations to clothes or replacing missing buttons. It's so much more! Nonetheless, a lot of beginners feel that it may take a couple of years to be able to make something useful for the home or another person. However, tailoring courses can fasten this and give you a better foundation as a beginner.

Eventually, you would have mastered some sewing techniques in only a couple of months. After you have learned how to thread a needle, some basic hand-sewing stitches can be learnt easily during tailoring classes near me. But first, here are two important hand stitching that beginners can learn with:

Chain Stitch: As a seamstress and even tailors alike know this as a series of loops that are sewn onto fabric. It creates a design that can be decorative or functional.

Want to know how it's completed? Follow these easy steps:

  • To sew, you need to stitch from the backside to the front side of the fabric
  • Insert your sewing needle into the top part of your material in the same area and leave a loop of thread on the top side.
  • Bring back your needle through the right side of the material just a few inches away from where the needle went into the fabric.
  • Enter your sewing needle through the loop of thread on the front part of your material.
  • Pull out your needle through the fabric and tie the loop. During this step, make sure you don't pull the thread too tight so that the line preserves the same shape.
  • Repeat the five steps to create a line of stitches that will make the ins and outs of your sewing and design look fabulous.

Blanket stitch: Did you just buy a blanket and you'd like to customise it using a colour thread from your sewing supplies or the store? Then you're in luck because there's a stitch for that.

Here are the basic steps you need to master the blanket stitch:

  • After threading your needle, knot the tail end of the thread. Then, proceed by sending the needle from the back of the blanket away from the border.
  • To correctly anchor your stitch, push your needle up from the back once more, to allow the needle to come out the top at the spot you started your stitch. Doing it this way will create a loop around the edge.
  • Take your needle back under the loop stitch you just made; you can achieve this by pushing the needle under the stitch sideways towards the side of your blanket. Also understand that while this gets your thread anchored, it's not the first stitch.
  • To accomplish your first blanket stitch, push your needle down from the top, then bring your needle back up again from the back, and through the thread loop. Perfect! you've achieved your first blanket stitch. Then, repeat the four steps to stitch your entire blanket perfectly.

As a reminder, these stitches are exclusively done by hand to give the material an artistic, unique and hand-made feel. We strongly recommend that you check tutorial videos to help aid your understanding a lot better.

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Video tutorials can help make practising easier. Photo Credit: Freepik

Why Should You Be Interested In Fashion Designing?

There are so many careers in fashion and living in Calabar is no exception to the rule.  The fashion world alone is responsible for the clothing of humans.

So why should I learn how to sew? You may ask.

For starters, you're doing yourself and your community a huge favour if you decide to. Being able to make exceptional designs through clothes is an art Nigerians will always cherish.

If this reason is not obvious enough, here are some reasons why you should dedicate time to learn more about tailoring:

Custom Children's Clothes: Learn to sew any personalised garment for your children or the kids of your loved ones. Unlike adult outfits, children's clothes/ fabrics are most times very expensive. If you take sewing classes for this purpose, you will be saving a lot of money.

For Business Purposes: Interested in the business of fashion, then consider getting a sewing machine or sewing machines to start your journey into the fashion industry in Calabar.

Home Decor: You can put your needle and thread to good use to help personalise your blanket. For the most part, you wouldn't even be needing an interior designer. One of the best places you can find ideas is on Pinterest as there are so many inspirations you can draw from to make your house look exactly like you'd want. However, DIY wouldn't work well if you don't go through any sewing class or sewing workshop.

With your knowledge in hand sewing, machine sewing, patternmaking and so much more, you can recreate your curtains, sofas, personal tote bag and even your dining corner! Explore your inner artistic self through tailoring.

Feel A Sense of Pride and Achievement: Nothing is as beautiful as when an individual sews anything he/she would like to have. Taking a sewing course or sewing lessons can make you achieve this. Create your own fashion house or clothing line in Calabar using the knowledge you have acquired from sewing. It's only a matter of time before you start your fashion show on Youtube or any other platform!

You don't necessarily need to have a degree in fashion design before you can make creative sewing patterns. Even with basic skills, you can make some remarkable designs.

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As earlier stated, everything is dependent on your imaginations and how far you'd like to take your design program to. Photo Credit: Freepik

Finding Tailoring Schools Near Me in Calabar

The art and design world is beautiful. There's so much to learn and even with basic sewing, you can make something sophisticated. If you're just beginning sewing, you have so many options.

One of the first is the internet. With thousands of tutorials online, you can kickstart your design fashion career. The downside to this is that you may have to rely on other experienced tailors to answer any immediate question you might have.

You can opt for an instructor online. Choosing a platform like Superprof will give you options of tutors with a proven track record including reviews. Additionally, you have access to free one-hour training. This will help you decide whether you're comfortable with your teacher or not.

One of the main advantages of having a private tutor is personalised lessons. In a class, an instructor may be unable to pick the weaknesses of all the students. However, during private lessons, he/she can easily figure this out and work with personalised lessons. This will boost your confidence and increase your creativity level.

For people interested in a design school, consider making proper research before going. Ask former students about the institute before you register. Since there are so many fashion schools in your area, narrowing it down to this state can give you a clear vision of what to expect as well as their teaching methods.

Penzrah School of Fashion located in Essien Town, Calabar, is one of the popular fashion institutes you can go to. Here, you will be taught different fashion courses, including fashion history and the best ways to making haute couture.

Since the world of fashion is large, it's necessary to make your research so you can decide on what niche you'd like to focus on. However, if you're not planning on advancing your sewing lessons, your skills can still be used to creating magic.

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