When it comes to hobbies and other professions, you shouldn’t expect anything less from the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. If you happen to stay in Abuja, then you’ll know there are so many untapped opportunities waiting for people who want to take on a profession in the fashion and design world.

Consider the outfits made for the First lady or the richly clad outfits of the creme de la creme living in this state. From the simple African fabrics, you’d find on the people at the public spaces to the extravagant style of fashionistas, Abuja is pouring with prospects of so many fashion lovers and enthusiasts.

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Is Learning How To Sew Really A Big Deal?

Technology has influenced all fields including the fashion industry. Take a look at equipment like the industrial sewing machines which can be used to do more than just sew embroidery on outfits.

The impact of technology in the fashion world is enormous. In the world of football, for example, a fashion brand, Nike, the official manufacturer of Manchester United’s match-wear has used technology in manufacturing fabrics that are designed to keep players dry and cool. In fact, this Dri-Fit technology has received a lot of praise and increased the bar in the sportswear textile industry.

Other key brands following this trend include Adidas. They developed a clothing technology referred to as Climacool to allow sweat evaporate through some special mesh panels so that players constantly staying dry and cool.

What’s interesting about how technology has improved the fashion industry is the direct impact it has on the composition of fabrics and sewing patterns. Obviously the effect of this technology has its adverse effect. Hand sewing as a skill is slowly dying out and all over the world, people are particular about reviving these sewing skills. Some are learning how to knit while others are learning sewing, threading or embroidery.

The advantage, however, is that if you learn how to thread with your hands, for instance, you’re obliged to selling it at a higher price. The reason is simple, handcrafted outfits are considered unique because not a lot of people are doing it.

So, is dressmaking, fashion styling, and everything pertaining to fashion designing a big deal? From the statements above, you will understand how important it is to society at large. Nothing is as good as advancing on sewing techniques through the use of technology every day to improve the living patterns of people across different fields.

Additionally, as a fashion designer, the chances of you not having clients is quite low. Also, what’s as good as making ‘’break the barrier’’ outfits that can cause an uproar in the future of fashion to come?!

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Sewing Machine
The world of fashion has always been influenced by technology. One of the most common machines in Nigeria is the electric sewing machine which makes sewing faster and most times, neater. Photo Credit: Unsplash

A New Fashion Designing Wave Has Come To Us

In Nigeria, more fashion shows are sprouting up. A lot more people are beginning to appreciate the fashion art and fashion business in Nigeria and Africa. A while back, this was not the case.

Now, more tailors can depend on their sewing and dressmaking to make maximum profit. People who want to learn how to sew at the moment will find it very beneficial. You should consider going to a fashion school where you can learn to sew. However, make sure you learn the basics before registering to speed up your learning process.

So what’s trending now?

At the moment, Nigeria is witnessing an influx of international fashion brands that are interested in the pattern design, sewing techniques, cloth dyeing, sewing pattern amongst others of many fashion designers and any well-acclaimed fashion institute in the country. In fact, you can start a lucrative business in fashion while in Nigeria by selling African contemporary fashion to international brands.

Additionally, fashion today is dynamic. From beautiful African patterns on a tote bag to exotic looking cotton fabric, you can easily thrive in your fashion career in the country. Also, if your designs are fashion show worthy, you’ll surely be featured!

If you’re interested in tailoring, you should consider looking out for a fashion program tailored specifically to what you’d like to learn. For people interested in private tutors, make sure you’re checking out the kind of sewing projects you’d be doing. Also, don’t fall short of sewing supplies (like your zippers and any other sewing kit) as you’re expected to keep practicing.

In the case of people planning on going to a fashion college in Abuja, make sure you look out for the things you’d be learning in your sewing class. Most fashion schools are expected to teach you, in your fashion courses, how to make haute couture, improve on design development skills and many more.

How do I find sewing classes near me?

The internet is your best option. You should consider making your research before going for any sewing class. If you’re looking for something a bit more flexible, think about looking for certified tutorial platforms that can offer quality teachers in sewing. Superprof’s teachers, for instance, are mostly professionals in the field. So, you can trust that your journey in the art and design world is safe.

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Embroidery machines differ and some embroidery designs on garments are handcrafted. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Finding The Tailoring Classes Near Me

If you really like top fashion, you’ve gone for a couple of sewing workshops and you think that sewing lessons will help complete you, then you should think about looking for a tutor.

Keep in mind that adult classes in sewing are not enough to teach you everything you need to know on the skill. You have to make sure you dedicate enough time into developing yourself personally. So, take what you’ve learned in your fashion design courses and practice home sewing. It will make you become more confident and save you from paying for extra classes to refresh your mind.

Explore beginner sewing classes near me

Taking extra lessons and practicing home sewing is the building block to a successful fashion designing career. Photo Credit: Unsplash

How To Choose A Sewing Workshop Or Sewing Courses

Making the decision to learn how to sew is as easy as snapping your fingers. However, deciding what tailoring school to go to, what private tutor to employ or what business in fashion to choose can be extremely difficult.

Making proper research for a sewing class can also be quite tricky. The reason is that there are so many schools, so many sewing workshops, and a lot more sewing-related courses are available online. So, it can be quite difficult to choose one.

This is why we have decided to save you some time and made a research on your behalf for tailoring schools in Abuja. This will help with organising your thoughts, give you an idea of what to expect and you can make up your mind on what you’d like to achieve from your lessons.

  • The Fashion Academy Abuja

Located at Ahmadu Bello Way, the academy offers courses in sewing and garment, Haute couture, pattern making or cutting, bridalwear, amongst others. So, if you’d like to access the best ways to making garments for global fashion, consider registering at this school.

  • Legs Apparel Fashion School

This fashion school offers courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced fashion designers.

The advanced professional program offers you courses in Fashion Computer-Aided Design (FCAD) and Fashion Entrepreneurship and Business Plan writing.

Intermediate programs are in fashion history, introduction to fashion design, fashion sketching, and illustrations, and you also get to learn about colour theories.

Beginners will be taught on sewing techniques, how to use industrial and manual sewing machines and the best ways to measure.

  • Flair Academy

Choosing fashion as a vocation can easily become a successful business venture. Limited slots are available to apply at the academy. Just like the other aforementioned schools, they offer courses in similar subjects like garment making and machinist training.

Want something more flexible?

For schools such as this, you will most likely need to pause a lot of your other activities to focus on them. Additionally, if you’re more of a private person, you may want to consider other options.

One great option is looking for a private sewing tutor on the Superprof platform. A lot of these tutors are ready to give the proper lessons you need to start your budding career in fashion.

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