Sewing is much more than a craft or a hobby, it is a skill that has over the years evolved. For instance, textile making is quite different from what it was a while back. While fashion design is passed from one generation to the other, each generation recreates its sewing techniques.

So, whether you want to become a fashion designer, a patternmaker or just want to learn basic skills in knitwear, for instance, there's an endless well of information for you to choose from to start viable careers in the fashion industry.

Learn How To Sew With Tailoring Courses

Sewing has been an age-long profession in Nigeria. Just as language was passed on through different generations by word of mouth, fashion designing (like costume making and pattern drafting) were passed through practice and training to younger generations.

The fashion industry in Nigeria today has evolved. Several fashion trends have been influenced by innovation, the need to recreate styles to boost the fashion business, technology and even the fashion world of the European culture.

However, one of the lingering hand technical skills like crafting still gets as much recognition even today. Handmade personalised items are still in vogue with their vendors posting such items on social media or personal shops like JUMIA and KONGA.

Since the creative process nowadays is tilted towards handcrafted items or DIY, you can even incorporate some of your sewings on your household items. For instance, you can make some unique designs using Ankara fabrics on some specific items or furniture in your home.

Careers in fashion have been influenced by the Nigerian factor. Several fashion designers, even beginners are starting to recreate old-fashioned patterns into something modern. The presence of social media has also aided fashion marketing as several fashion entrepreneurs use this medium to reach a larger audience.

Of course, to learn to sew, it's necessary to research the basic skills and advance with fashion design courses. Going to a school of design will influence your approach to designs and put you in a great pedestal in your fashion career.

It understandable that not everyone is particular about advancing in any fashion program neither are they planning on merchandising or having their fashion show one day. However, the fact that you can do so much when you can sew makes it a very viable activity that goes beyond just a hobby.

You can make altercations and mend almost anything. From your handbags to your old clothes, toys, and other accessories. Gaining this new skill places you in a ''fairy godmother'' pedestal as you can rejuvenate and recreate old things into a more fashionable Your bedsheets are old? You can simply buy fabrics and sew new ones. Do they need revamping? You can design embroideries on them.

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Nigerian Tailor
In Nigeria, women were the dominant gender in tailoring, while several men in Western Nigeria, were in charge of pattern making, textile and apparel design. Photo Credit: Freepik - @vectorpouch

It also allows you to choose the right colours for your home (for instance, choosing the perfect colour for your curtains to set a mood). Additionally, you can make a whole lot of simple yet sophisticated presents for your family and friends. From handmade bags to tissue paper holders and even sunglasses with African prints!

Advancing your career in fashion would allow you to make better choices with patterns. If you have a friend who's getting married, you may even be her official tailor!

With your new-found skills, you can save a lot of money. Why bother about spending so much money on some new fashion design when you can just make them yourself. Every year or whenever you feel like, you can even choose some West African fabrics, explore french fashion and make out your personalised haute couture.

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Sometimes, learning how to sew can be a little scary. What if you prick your fingers with the needle, or your hand moves too fast to where the sewing machine is. You shouldn't be afraid! Fear would restrict you from learning a vocation as lucrative as tailoring. Rather, run a basic search online to find step-by-step guides of sewing. There are a lot of people all over the world who are open to sharing their expertise and experience with you.

If you're better off working with a structure, you should consider hiring a tutor. They can help break down any difficult aspect for easier comprehension. Additionally, you have someone to answer any questions you have directly. You can find talented individuals willing to teach you everything you need to grow in the fashion industry with Superprof or your area.

Whatever decision you make, take your sewing classes seriously. It will help you in the long run.

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Choosing sewing as a vocation is beneficial to you and everyone around you. Photo Credit: Freepik

Learn How To Sew


Embroideries; they adorn some of the most beautiful dresses in West Africa. You can see them neatly sewn on the Nigerian outfit popularly referred to Agbada by most Nigerians. In Northern Nigeria, embroidery fashion is one of the top fashion that always stays in vogue. If you would like to design fashion standard embroideries, you would need to register for tailoring classes, learn sewing lessons online, go to sewing workshops or hire a personal tutor.

Your tailoring courses are expected to allow you to unleash your creativity. In your classes, you're offered hands-on demonstrations that cover sewing, patchwork, knitting, and a lot more embroidery styles. You're also expected to learn how to sew using an embroidery sewing machine to make peculiar designs. Additionally, other courses like computer-aided design may be taught in your class as well.

Unique Pieces

If you would like your children to learn how to sew at an early age, consider signing them up for classes such as Introduction to Sewing for Juniors. This training is designed for children within the ages of 6 - 11 years of age. For the most part, children taking this course have zero experience in tailoring.

Additionally, you can encourage your child to pay more attention to Home Economics just before their Junior WAEC exams. They can learn how to make an apron, cloth toys amongst other things. Consider getting an extra tutor as well if your child takes a particular interest in tailoring.

Indeed, as children and adults, it's a great feeling to have something made by yourself. What's even better is when it becomes something you cherish forever because of its importance.

Nevertheless, the skills you have acquired during this process will incite more unique design pieces and fashion styling! You can never tell what a junior sewing course can bring you. You may become so big in the design and fashion industry that a lot of fashion shows would love to host you. You may start a clothing line or have a fashion house. Whatever the case (whether advanced or minimal) taking tailoring courses gives you a sense of achievement as it is a skill that can always be put to good use.

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Sewing Courses
You don't have to be a pro before you can sew. Learning the basics can allow you to make some lovely outfits! Photo Credit: Freepik

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A while back, more Nigerian women were involved in sewing. Now, the mix is starting to blend in well! You don't have to have a degree in fashion design before qualifying to become a fashion designer. Neither do you need it to start your fashion merchandising.

However, you still need classes and there are so many options out there! You can choose to get a tutor who can come train you from the comfort of your home.

One of such options is our platform; Superprof. You can hire a tutor with as little as ₦2,000 per hour to learn the history of fashion, sketching, pattern design, basics to sewing as well as advanced concepts in tailoring.

We give you the opportunity you needed to kickstart your career as a fashion designer!

If you would like classes with a community of other learners like you, consider looking out for classes close to you. However, we have taken the pain to research some schools in Kano that may be beneficial to you.

Osas Olumese Training Institute

The institute offers competitive courses for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes. After graduation, you're expected to have learned about the technical aspect of production, creativity, the importance of teamwork and effective interaction in the process of garment production.

If you would like to gain technical skills in traditional and contemporary garment making, consider going to this school. Located at Airport Road Kano, it may be the perfect time to start your tailoring courses!

Choosing tailoring as a hobby is a great idea. Imagine having a vocation that gives a great result and can even make you money in the long run! Truly, not everyone can be perfect with it at first. This is why practising even after your classes are important. Surf the internet for more sewing content that will help challenge your skills. Remember, the best tailors or fashion designers excelled because they never stopped learning!

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