Sewing is just perfect; from being an art, a therapeutic hobby, a lucrative business, a planet-saver to being a basic amenity people cannot do without. Fashion designing is the ultimate tool for everything beautiful. This is probably why fashion designers all over the world take the fashion industry seriously. 

In Nigeria, the average tailor can make a living from sewing just a garment, menswear or any other type of clothing. It's amazing to see the wonders of sewing and how it has influenced the lives of many. Also, in a society where money can be a little difficult to find, tailoring not only saves you money but also allows you to earn a lot more. 

Centuries ago, fashion design was mostly leaves and animal skin. Imagine how advanced the fashion design world is now. 

If you'd like to learn how to sew, there are so many places in Nigeria you can learn from.

Finding Sewing Classes In Lagos 

Lagos is one of the cities you can find professional fashion courses at every nook and corner. Before you decide to start sewing lessons, ensure you have made proper research. Look out for sewing tips and get yourself familiar with all the sewing terms. For instance, you should be aware of the various textile design and how they are expressed through different sewing techniques. As well, you should know that even now, hand sewing is still a widely used craft. 

As a beginner,  there are so many ways you can learn sewing. One of the most common is going for sewing classes closest to you. If you're interested in going for offline sewing classes, consider a school like Rhoda Michaels Fashion school located in Ikeja or read this article to find other schools and the various alternatives for tailoring classes in Lagos. When it comes to figuring out what courses should be covered during sewing for beginners living in Lagos, understand that it is dependent on a lot of factors. Some of these include what your instructor specializes on and what you signed up for. 

Nevertheless, sewing is an activity that will boost your confidence in life and the art of fashion styling. 


computerised sewing machine
Choosing a hobby like sewing in Nigeria has a lot more advantages than you can ever imagine. Photo Credit: Freepik

Discover Tailoring Classes In Abuja 

Abuja is home to a lot of government offices. This means that if you have access to some of the civil servants in Abuja, you're going to be working all year round.

It still may not mean anything to you. 

Which is why it begs the question; is learning how to sew still a big deal?

In the world today, the computerized sewing machine has been introduced into fashion and design. Technology has influenced fashion so much that the new innovation called the Dri-Fit technology automatically dries you up when you sweat - specifically made for sportspeople. 

Fashion designing courses would introduce you to new and exciting sections of the field and in Abuja, being an expert can be put to good use. If you're convinced about choosing sewing, the next thing to consider is going to a fashion school or learning fashion online. Just as expected, we advise that you make your checks well enough before registering with any platform or institute.

For beginners interested in getting updates on tailoring trends and finding sewing classes within Abuja here is the link. 

Researching Sewing Schools In Port Harcourt

A lot of people underestimate fashion merchandising. Funny enough, learning to sew has so many benefits even in Port Harcourt. If you're still not convinced about why you should learn to sew, here are some reasons that may resonate with you. 

  • Sewing is relaxing. Try to learn the basics like how to thread and any other beginner sewing skills out there. You'd notice a wave of calmness; especially because it is purely an activity that takes you away from all the pressures of social media. 
  • Ask any professional or budding fashion designer and they will tell of its therapeutic sides. It's a great way of keeping your mental health in check as it brings a lot of positivity into your life. 
  • Just as exercises are perfect for your physical health, sewing is that and more! It boosts your brain activity, training your brain as you get older. No wonder when you become an expert, you're almost invincible. 
  • If you'd like to enjoy organic moments, think of this creative design course. What's best is the fact that you can get to use what you have worked on in your house or for other purposes. 
  • Your fashion design courses can let you in on fashion trends happening in global fashion. Additionally, you can have inside access to the secrets of the fashion business and how you can use that to utilize your personalised art and design world. 
  • Your technical skills get a lot better. From just learning basic sewing on fabric to creating top fashion and haute couture!
  • You're better at gifting. Yes, you become that person everyone would love to get a gift from simply because of your creative prowess!
  • You get to save so much money since you can sew your clothes! Apart from this, sewing is a hobby you shouldn't overlook. It is the best thing yet.
  • Your sewing class will allow you to meet like minds. You get to create your community of friends in the fashion industry. Who knows? They may connect you to bigger opportunities and you may even start a fashion show with one of them. 

Accessing tailoring schools near me can be less stressful if you make proper research and ask for recommendations. You would be getting so much value from the investment you have placed on sewing if you do this.

Technical skills like knitting and hand embroidery have been an age-long skill in Nigeria. Photo Credit: Freepik

Explore Sewing Classes In Ibadan 

In Nigeria today, being a youth requires that you have entrepreneurial skills or an already functioning business. Even every 9-5 person has a side hustle. If you're still contemplating what side hustle you'd like to do, think about fashion illustration or going for a sewing course. 

It's a great getaway for people who would like to take a break from everyday life. Since sewing has become quite a rare activity, it has evolved into something unique. Sewing gives you the benefit of having me-time and still offers you the opportunity to make money from it. This is why a school like Ibadan City Fashion College is revered for its detail-oriented courses that still lets you have fun while at it. 

Find out more about fashion designing in Ibadan 

Find Tailoring Classes in Kano

Just like other parts of the world, sewing has been an age-long profession in Nigeria. Centuries ago, Language was passed through generations through word of mouth. However, during sewing, younger generations had to practice to pass it to the generations after them. 

Perhaps one of the most amazing thing about sewing is that you can do almost anything and everything with your sewing projects. From mending to pattern making and even recreating your own home, you're your fairy godmother!

If you'd like to learn how to sew, consider sewing some unique pieces like toys and even children's clothes. However, in Northern Nigeria, pay close attention to embroideries as you can find them in almost all the design fashion outfits. Even though embroideries are age-long, they are still one of the eternal masterpieces that finds itself in today's fashion world. A fashion school like Osas Olumese Training Institute will offer you training in embroidery and more. Want more school options? Learn more about tailoring classes in Kano

Finding Tailoring  Schools In Calabar

Sewing is an art that everyone should learn. Fashion designers all over the world put in the dedication to create interpretations through their clothing. This is probably why, apart from art, fashion is life. 

As a beginner, we would advise that you learn some basic skills in fashion. Some of these technical skills are simple stitches that you can use for everyday activities. Some of them include the blanket stitch and the chain stitch. 

For students interested in learning how to sew in Calabar, checkout schools like Penzrah School of Fashion. Your experience in sewing can be explored in business, for redecorating your home, creating unique pieces and getting incomparable confidence!

Find out more about sewing classes in Calabar

Sewing adds such an artistic feel to everything it touches. No wonder it's an easily lovable hobby! Photo Credit: Freepik

Discovering Sewing Classes In Kwara

When you begin your journey to becoming a fashion designer in Kwara, learning how to sew with a sewing machine is a plus. It's the perfect tool for completing any sewing project you have (especially the bulky ones). Invented in 1790 by Sir Thoman Saint, this equipment has been a perfect fit for the textile and design industry. 

Sadly, not a lot of people can make use of this machine effectively. However, before you get yourself all worked up about not being able to use your machine well, here's what you should know: 

  • Start by hand. Learning to use a sewing machine doesn't magically become perfect. Consider doing your stitches manually by using the handwheel anticlockwise to avoid jamming and ensure the needle is getting into the fabric being sewn.
  • Mistakes will always happen. The best way to avoid them is to keep practising and follow instructions carefully.
  • Before you begin, practice on a random material to be sure everything is in place. 
  • Use the machine's marked measuring line as a guide to maintaining a straight line. 

Explore more options on tailoring in Kwara. 

Tailoring Classes In Enugu

For amateur sewists, you must learn some basic skills to help strengthen your foundations in fashion. Some of the most important and still widely used are the hand-sewn back stitch and the slip stitch. It will also help advance your understanding of technical skills in fashion.

Nevertheless, you get so many benefits from sewing. One of such is that you're saving the planet from textile waste. In Enugu, finding the right sewing class is not so difficult. All you have to do is ensure you have made the right research and you have the right instructor to help you soar. 

Check here to find out more about the best tailoring classes in Enugu

Find Tailoring Classes In Jos

One of the places you would encounter sewing lessons in Jos is during your Home Economics class. What happens afterwards is solely up to you. However, you can learn so much from fashion so you should consider it. 

For students in Jos looking to learn fashion designing, here is some advice to live by:

  • Don't ever forget your sewing pins. Make sure they're always a part of your sewing supplies as they serve a lot of purposes.
  • Always understand your thread weight. Learning about it will help you determine the yarn you need to complete your project. 
  • Know what sewing machine feet work for which. If you've been thinking there are only one machine feet, there are several machine feet you need to discover!

Students who are seriously considering getting a private instructor for their sewing workshop learning should hire a Sewing tutor via the Superprof platform. You have access to so many professionals who can give you a personalised learning experience at an affordable price!

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