Let’s face it. Lagos, to a large extent, gives you access to better and faster opportunities in Nigeria than in other states. There’s hardly any profession you cannot learn in Lagos.

If you want to indulge in the fashion design world, learning to sew is an essential skill. Along with your fashion education, you're likely to make so much profit even as a hobby that you may decide to make it a career. It’s time to start tailoring courses Lagos!

Whether you're a beginner at sewing or an intermediate, getting extra help can bring so many benefits as well as inspiration.

So, be it you're planning to learn how to sew with needle and thread for the first time, or you're already equipped with a sewing machine and sewing supplies, here are all of the things you need to know when searching for tailoring courses in Lagos.

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The Beginning Stages Of Sewing

Before you decide to begin any sewing class for beginners, you should get yourself familiar with the sewing basics. If you do not know anything about basic sewing, you will be very confused during your first tailoring class.

To get yourself familiar, take some time to do proper research online on fashion designing. Look out for sewing tips for beginners, watch a lot of sewing tutorials and get yourself acquainted with sewing terms. Also, make sure you search for the various ways textile design is being expressed through different sewing skills.

For instance, you should be aware of the fact that hand sewing is a craft that is still being used worldwide and that it differs completely from when you use machinery. You should also ask yourself certain questions like what the purpose of hand sewing is in this age, the limitations that exist when using a sewing machine, and whether a single sewing machine can do all the sewing processes or not.

These are just a few of the questions that should run in your mind if you're interested in tailoring. You should also consider going for any sewing workshop near you. There, you can learn some basics which will be very helpful for your first lesson and even help you in your future career in art and design. But for starters, don’t forget the first rule which is to learn the basics.

If you’re a novice in tailoring, get yourself a mini sewing machine to practice with at home. Don’t forget to make precaution research on how to handle equipment such as this so you don’t get involved in an accident. With your sewing kit, it can motivate you to improve in your needlework which will give you confidence in hand stitching. With constant practice, you will become better in your sewing techniques which can help you learn better when you start your sewing lessons.

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Fashion designing never stops thriving in Lagos. You can easily get clients if you're very good at it. Photo Credit: Unsplash

How To Learn Sewing

One of the easiest ways to learn how to sew is through the internet. Obviously, a detail-oriented skill such as sewing can be very difficult to learn if you’re just reading instructions, watching pre-recorded videos where you’re unable to ask the instructor questions or looking at pictures.

However, it does not take off the fact that you can find some really good sewing tutorials on Instagram and Youtube. The advantage of the internet is that it is huge and you have free access to resources that cover any subject you can imagine. Consider it as your free digital sewing school!

Although, a lot of times, self-teaching methods don’t always work out as much as you’d like. So, if you would rather prefer to be taught fashion and design by a tutor, you can search for sewing schools near you, check out workshops, or look for a personal tutor.

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Tailoring Schools Near Me For Lagos Classes On Superprof

Learning how to sew can be quite easy if you find the right platform. On Superprof, for example, you will find people who have a good experience in the fashion industry. They are very eager to pass on their knowledge on the different techniques that exist, how to manoeuvre patterns, tips on pattern making and other important things pertaining to fashion.

In Lagos, there are over 100 tutors ready to teach fashion designing for an average pay of ‎₦2,000 per hour. Additionally, you automatically have access to a free sewing class for the first hour when you find a teacher. So, it means you wouldn’t have wasted money and resources if your teacher doesn’t offer what you’re expecting.

During your first lesson, you should check out what sewing projects your instructor has scheduled for you and the sewing equipment (like rulers, fabrics, appliques, scissors, zippers, buttonhole, needle and thread) you would need for your lessons so as not to waste any minute of your classes.

While searching for the right tutor, make sure you filter your searches according to your personal interests or level. For example, someone with a fashion degree can teach you about tailoring and dressmaking. Also, you should consider the fact that the more experienced a teacher is, the higher their charges will be. Trust us, personal tutors who charge higher hourly rates are exceptional at what they do and there are reviews to attest to it!

Paying a lot more for an experienced tutor may affect your pockets at first. But when you realise the results, you may not even need a lot of lessons as opposed to getting a tutor who isn’t used to teaching others or isn’t accomplished enough.

Fashion courses vary. Make sure you make proper research before you start your sewing classes in Lagos. Photo Credit: Unsplash

What Topics Should Be Covered During Sewing Lessons?

Your topics will be tailored based on what you signed up for and what your teacher specializes in. For example, if you enrolled for a course in patchwork, you won’t be taught much of tailoring and vice-versa. It, however, does not mean that what you learned won’t be relevant or can’t be transferred to other areas of fashion design courses.

During and after your classes with an expert in the field, one of the major things you will gain is confidence. You will learn how to approach any task or sewing project with a positive mindset. Technically, you may even end up creating a new style even if you failed in achieving the desired or expected pattern.

Getting a professional tutor will boost your confidence levels in such a way that you wouldn’t have to worry about failing. You will learn so much in your fashion courses or fashion program that there would literally be no failure in your attempts to succeeding in the fashion world.

If you’re contemplating doing some fashion courses as a profession, you should make your research to find the one you should focus on. After this, proceed to get a tutor. They are the best ways of bridging the gap between profession and education.

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Tailoring Courses Lagos

Zapron Fashion School

This fashion school uses the United Kingdom syllabus to teach Beginners, Advanced Beginners and Intermediate tailors. Located along Lekki-Epe expressway, you’ll learn introductory courses like how to sew a tote bag, how to use a sewing machine and other lessons that will usher you into the art of sewing.

For advanced classes, you may be taught how to make alterations and mending, how to sew lingerie and proper introduction to dressmaking.

For intermediate students, you will explore sections in sewing patterns like pattern cutting, how to sew top fashion outfits and how to sew the exact fit.

All of these classes, depending on your level come at quite affordable prices. Of course, you should expect that the more advanced you get, the higher you’d have to pay.

Another school you should consider is Rhoda Michaels Fashion Institute located at Ikeja, Lagos. Here, you will learn how to draft patterns, how to sketch, how to manipulate colors and even how to start and manage a profitable fashion business.

You’re required to have at least a secondary school leaving certificate to register for their classes.
If you choose to get a private tutor instead, you should consider searching for some on the Superprof platform.

Unlike the fashion schools mentioned above, you can learn at more flexible hours, find tutors according to your budget and at any pace you’d like.

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Some sewing workshops can give better insights on how to get prospective clients. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Where To Find Tailoring Schools Near Me

If you’d like to find out about the different sewing courses that exist, you should make proper research online. In Lagos, there are several fashion schools and you can even learn at a fashion institute of technology. Whatever your pick is, Lagos can offer that and more.

However, you need to make sure that you’ve done your homework on the fashion schools that exist in the state. Ensure you check out reviews and ask for information from past students.

Nothing is as rewarding as being able to learn from the best possible because it will always put you at the forefront of success all the time!

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