Sewing is a skill that has been passed on from one generation to the other. Asides from the fact that clothing is a basic human amenity, being able to sew them are therapeutic. If you decide to take out time to learn how to sew, you would notice the stress-relieving change it brings to you. Additionally, fashion designing is an art. So if you’re considering doing something artistic, sewing has got you covered! 

Regardless of all of these, not a lot of people can sew or have ever thought about learning to sew. A lot of people prefer to give someone else their clothes if they have to mend it. However, this should not be the case. At Superprof we can offer you, classes, to teach you basic skills in the fashion industry that can help you with simple design tasks. If you’re interested in learning the art itself, our platform can assist you to become a fashion designer in Enugu. 

So, in today’s article, interested Nigerians living in Enugu will develop a thorough understanding of where to find sewing lessons near them. 

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As a beginner, it's necessary to learn how to create the right patterns. That way, you can differentiate a skirt from a gown! Photo Credit: Freepik - @pressfoto

Necessary Hand Sewing Techniques To Learn For Beginners

The art of fashion design is something that requires dedication. For sewing novices in Enugu, it's important to seek the advice of more experienced tailors to correctly learn hand sewing techniques. 

It may sound funny, but not everyone knows how to use a needle and thread. If you fall under this category, it's great to have an experienced instructor who can show you how to sew. 

For beginners who would like to be involved in the world of fashion, here are some starter packs to acquire: 

Slip Stitch: A slip stitch is a simple hemstitch that fashion designers or tailors do when they don't want any visible stitches on the fabric. If you want to complete a successful slip stitch, follow these steps: 

  • After threading your needle, knot the end of your thread.
  • Look for a place to anchor the knot in a hidden part or deep inside your garment.
  • Take up a few threads exactly under the place where the knot is anchored.
  • Pull out your needle through the material towards the hem edge.
  • Move your needle and push it into the hem edge, so that the stitch itself is under the hem edge.
  • Replicate the same stitch until you complete it all in your material. 

Hand-Sewn Back Stitch: One of the most basic stitches in the art and design world and part of the most reliable stitches you can learn. It's a perfect stitch for mending seams and replacing zippers. Follow these simple steps to learn how to sew using this stitch: 

  • Put in your needle into the location you'd like to start the seam in your fabric. 
  • Bring back the needle through both layers of your fabric only a short-range from the former stitch. 
  • Insert the needle back into the material in the middle of the first stitch.
  • Bring back your needle up through the fabric in the same range you used in creating the first stitch.
  • Continue making a long line of backstitches until you've completed your task.

Taking your time to practice and learn new stitches will help your foundations as a prospective student in the fashion world. It will also increase your expertise as you grow into becoming a professional.

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Your sewing supplies should always contain your sewing pins as they serve so many purposes. Photo Credit: Freepik - @osaba

Why Should I Learn To Sew?

The design and fashion field is an interesting place to be. So why shouldn't you consider being a part of it? With so many careers in fashion to choose from, you can design clothing for people of all ages and even own your clothing line! 

Not into all those extremities? Here are some of the reasons why you should consider learning how to sew 

Help Lower The Amount Of Textile Waste: Clothing prices have reached an all-time low in a lot of countries because of low-cost labour and other irreconcilable issues. The result is that a lot of people buy clothes at a ridiculously low price. When there's a tiny hole or tear or even a missing button, the throw the clothes away quickly.

If we all knew how to sew, clothes would last longer and there will be less textile waste and a lot more textile design will be appreciated. In a recent report, more than 3.8 billion pounds of textiles are being dumped into the USA's landfill per year and the numbers never fall.

In Nigeria, more than half of the clothing products consumed do not get the opportunity to be recycled. Thus, adding more to textile wastage and ultimately aggravating global warming. Trust us, sewing contributes to a healthier planet. 

 You Get To Save So Much Money: A lot of times, you want to make some little adjustment to your clothes. Maybe you call local Enugu tailor and get them to help in mending your clothes, however, you will have to pay for their services. So, in the case where you have so many outfits to fix, you'd be paying a lot. However, if you can make your clothes yourself, you'd be saving so much money.

Understandably, you want to buy fashion trends or clothes in global fashion. However, if you don't have fashion and design skills, you'll be spending a lot of money. Whether you're gifting yourself or others, nothing beats being able to design fashion items anytime you want and for cheaper!

Additionally, starting a fashion career in haute couture, menswear, womenswear, knitwear, sportswear, evening wear, day wear, ready to wear or any other category of fashion clothing can get you good earnings. You should expect to earn a lot of money as a fashion designer. 

It's The Perfect Stress-reliever: If you'd like something that will take your mind off of social media or the internet, an organic hobby would be sewing. Sewing is a therapeutic activity that keeps your mental health in perfect shape. Its calming prowess can help you manage anxiety, stress and chase away negative thinking. As you sew, your mind is fixated on the project, therefore, keeping your mind busy and healthy.

 These are only a few of the reasons why we agree that you should consider sewing. There are so many other motives which even you can deduce yourself. You can become a freelance designer in Enugu, a patternmaker, or even strictly get engaged in fashion styling. However, sewing just makes everything easier as you can enter different fields with your technical knowledge. 

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To advance your career in the Nigerian fashion industry, you need to practise constantly and get inspired. It will separate you from everyone else. Photo Credit: Freepik

Where To Take Sewing Lessons Near Me In Enugu

Taking a fashion design course to improve your technical skills is a great step. For instance, you can use your degree in fashion to bag designer jobs, start your fashion business or simply just enjoy the fact that you can make clothes any and any time!

Just like any other student interested in fashion schools, you have access to a lot of options. Your interest in top fashion will most likely draw you to the internet. Online, there are several fashion courses and fashion programs you can do. Platforms like Youtube and Linkedin Learning can provide you with some courses. 

If you're interested in tailoring schools near me in Enugu, here are some suggestions:

Didi's Signature Fashion company 

Not only does this academy, sell ready to wear male and female outfits, but they also offer training in them. For adult beginners in Enugu interested in learning fashion history, pattern making and sketching, the school offers that and more. It is necessary, however, to get previous students who can give you a first-hand experience of their teaching ethic.

Fashion Business School Enugu

This is another institute in Enugu that offer fashion courses. Subjects range from clothing design courses, pattern making, how to sketch,  as well as other technical aspects in tailoring and fashion. Additionally, you will be given entrepreneurial tips on how to start up your own fashion business. 

For business enthusiasts, sewing is a very lucrative business you can get involved in. The art design world is waiting for everyone interested in making the world a better place one sewing at a time!

However, if you would prefer a more personalised form of learning, consider getting a private instructor. You can learn all about tailoring and technical design in a setting specific to you using Superprof's tutors.

Additionally, you're granted a free one-hour session. You will get to know your instructor and whether you both are in sync with each other. Each professional on our platform can offer you, classes in international fashion, fashion history, and set you well in tailoring.

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