Sewing may not have been a hobby you’d ever thought of. However, you’ be amazed by the advantages that come with learning to sew. If you’d like to try your hands on something new, you should consider getting yourself into the fashion design industry.

Sewing can easily become your favourite pastime.

Want some more convincing?

Here are some reasons why you should consider opting for fashion designing:

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Choosing a career in fashion can be very beneficial in all aspects. From health to finances, you can have a great experience and career in all ramifications. Photo Credit: Freepik

10 Great Reasons To Learn How To Sew

1. It is Relaxing

If you would like to indulge in an activity that will help you relax, then you should join the fashion industry. Learning how to sew is therapeutic. It’s easy how this can be because the activity involves you working in silence and at a steady pace. Your focus is placed completely at the task at hand.

A lot of people and even tailors with high technical skills can attest to the fact that the better you get at using a needle and thread or a sewing machine, the easier it becomes to get lost in thought and take your mind off the hustles and bustles of everyday life.

Consider switching off your phones before you start sewing to avoid any forms of distractions.

2. It Boosts Your Mental Health

Generally, you can agree that getting a new outfit tends to lift your spirits. That’s probably why a lot of fashion houses, any fashion brand or designer fashion can never fall short of customers or go out of vogue.

Imagine how overwhelmingly amazing it is when you can make your own outfit anytime! Also, if you’re considering it as a lucrative business, then you should make sure you include ready to wear outfits asides whatever niche (menswear, womenswear, sportswear, etc) you’d like to indulge in.

Just as most calming practices do, sewing brings a lot of positivity into your life which can greatly influence your mental wellbeing.

Consider the fact that the change in today’s world can easily have its adverse effects. With the rise in technology and business, you can easily get overwhelmed with financial matters, business-related issues and a lot more.

However, choosing an activity in the design program world can bring you a lot of peace. Imagine spending a bit of your day doing something relaxing to help encourage more “me times.’’ It’s the best thing ever!

3. It’s A Perfect Healing Balm For Your Health

Away from your mental health, taking tailoring classes has a lot of advantages for your physical wellbeing. Whatever fashion education or fashion program you choose, you can assure yourself that it will help keep your brain active for longer. Sewing is just like reading, it trains your brain as it gets older!

Also, using your hands for needlework can help the joints in your hands and can boost your eyesight for a longer period.

If you’d like to take it a notch higher, consider going for fashion programs that can bag you a fashion design degree! They can usher you well into the fashion business.

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Tailoring Classes In Portharcourt
On average, a tailor in Nigeria can make over ₦100,000 per month making ready to wear outfits. Photo Credit: Freepik

4. You Enjoy More Organic Moments

Today’s world has an influx of mobile phones used for everything! From checking out top fashion brands for clothing and accessories to social media to shopping, it can easily become very addictive. In fact, there’s little or nothing you can’t do on your mobile device. This is one of the reasons why finding a hobby that doesn’t involve technology is special.

Truly, you’d still be in touch with technology when you sew with a sewing machine. However, it’s a completely different atmosphere from handling your mobile phone. It’s the distance that makes a lot of people crave for this kind of activity.

You can easily become a prospective student in a school of design if you start your beginner classes in sewing basics. Going for a sewing workshop, learning sewing basics like hand sewing will rejuvenate your mind in such a way that you’d realise how important it is to be away from your phone or tablet.

5. It Lets You In On Fashion Trends And Happenings

As a fashion designer, you need to be ahead of and aware of fashion trends. Having your sewing supplies gives you the power to do everything and it gives you the potential to become a fashion designer. It means you can keep an eye in the world of fashion and learn about current fashion on costume design, pattern making, apparel design, computer-aided design and lots more. You’re assured of having a great fashion career.

Careers in fashion are wide and can be amazing. Technically, you can become a leader in your niche in the fashion world. So, if you’re not convinced with the design and fashion out there, you can become experimental and recreate fashion designs in the best way possible. Who knows, you may end up becoming an international brand!

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6. Your Technical Design Skills Become Improved

You need to be very skilled to sew. Not a lot of people can pick up a needle and thread to make something exceptional. Fashion designers who have taken in sewing would know that it takes months and even years to become exceptionally good. Don’t forget the fact that they will have learned from all of the mistakes they made.

7. You Become More Unique And Creative When Gifting Others

Imagine being able to make Italian fashion outfits or high fashion garments. In truth, giving well-aligned design clothing as a gift can never be outdated.

You will find that your giftee is as excited as you. So, even as a beginner, you’re likely going to give a lot of happiness in the form of clothes as gifts.

8. You Get To Save A Lot Of Money

Since clothes are a commodity that one cannot do without, then you’re in a great space! Rather than worry about buying outfits for different occasions, all you have to do is make them! Even better is the fact that you automatically get self-employed and even start your own fashion merchandising if you’re really good at your craft.

9. Sewing Is The New Fashion

With so many fashion shos sprouting up, sewing is fast becoming a hobby that should be taken seriously. Based on research, more women are taking up tailoring and using their unique ideas on different aspects of fashion like textile design, women’s wear and so forth.

10. You Get To Make New Friends

Going to sewing classes or starting a fashion design course gives you the opportunity to meet people who share your interests. Having this community allows you easier access to more opportunities and you may even get to make solid friendships.

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Sewing as a hobby or as a pastime activity can be extremely therapeutic. Research has confirmed that it releases the same chemicals attached to stress relief. Photo Credit: Freepik

Help Me With Tailoring Classes Near Me!

For beginners or advanced fashion designers who would like to start or continue a fashion education, there are several options you can tap into.

One of such options is getting a private tutor on the Superprof platform. You get to learn under flexible hours with a tutor best suited for you. Your first hour during your sewing lesson is also free, so you can decide whether to go ahead with a teacher or not. It's even better for introverted or private people.

Others prefer learning in the confines of four walls with a group of other students. Some people learn faster this way. If you're in this category, here are some fashion schools in Port Harcourt to consider:

Legs Apparel Fashion School

Located in Rumuodara Port Harcourt, they offer consulting services and even have an online store aside teaching fashion designing. Additionally, they offer courses for every level. From beginner to advanced, you get to learn new practices that are being used in today's fashion. The school does not demand any admission requirements like school certification or its equivalent qualifications. However, they are particular that you get orientated before you start your sewing lessons.

FEZU Couture Fashion Training Institute 

Located at Transwoji road, the institute offers seminars and sewing workshops for all ages and levels. So, if you're interested in learning hat making or designing all kinds of African attires, choosing this school can be the best bet for you.

There are several other institutes that offer professional courses in fashion designing. However, make sure you check out for reviews and recommendations before considering learning under the school.

If you're planning on learning on the Superprof platform, you're secure. You're assured of getting teachers who have a good track record and reviews to back up their claims.

Whatever level you'd like to achieve as a tailor, don't forget the timeless benefits this activity offers!

Explore different  tailoring classes in Nigeria including:

Kano classes

Ibadan classes

Kwara tailoring classes

Jos sewing courses

Portharcourt classes

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