The general perspective of sewing might differ from one person to another. However, you should never take away one thing from tailoring; it is an art. The fact that someone out there can use a needle and thread, take sewing scissors to cut out straight lines and end up creating something magical is purely artistic.

Remember how pimped up Cinderella became after her fairy godmother dressed her up? Great! This is literally what beneficiaries of this art experience every time they wear an outfit, even you.

Tailors, for the most part, are widely appreciated as they provide one of the essentials of human living - clothing. So if you've made up your mind about being a fashion designer, then you're joining the millions of people in the world to add more colour and art into the world.

This is why it is important to take sewing lessons as they will help with achieving this feat. Sewing as a hobby and a profession has so many benefits that can be considered as eternal. For instance, if you decide to advance in your design and sewing classes, chances you will get a lot of customers are high. Even with basic sewing or beginner sewing, you can make pieces that will attract clients and admirers alike.

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Just like every other form of art, tailoring is widely appreciated even by non-art lovers! Photo Credit: Freepik - @pressfoto

Sewing Basics For Beginners

In Jos, and Nigeria in general, one of the first places you would encounter sewing lessons is in the Home Economics class during the secondary school year. In junior school, students are introduced to hand sewing, pattern making, and even dressmaking! During this period, a lot of pupils are taught how to sew an apron; one of the easiest and most popular projects expected during home economics lessons.

However, a lot of others learned the basics outside of school. Depending on what influenced their interests in sewing, many others choose to go to a sewing school to learn more sewing techniques. There are so many things to learn! From garment making to sewing patterns, and how to use several sewing machines.

Sadly, 21st-century youths have tilted their attention to who the fastest finger on their smartphones is. Technically, the presence of social media, electronics and other technological tools have greatly affected household skills such as cooking, ironing and tailoring.

You may be wondering, how are household tasks done?

A lot of homes in Jos have house helps who are always available to do all the household jobs like cleaning, cooking, ironing, etc. Thus, making the need of getting someone who can do all of these in high demand. While this may seem like a millennial habit, what happens is that people depend on others to get minimal things done.

However, if you're particular about saving money and being independent in certain ways, then consider embracing the need to learn household tasks. If you decide to learn to sew, for instance, you're making yourself indispensable.

Here are some basic skills that can act as a guide in fashion for you:


As a beginner, your initial contact with sewing is threading. It comes in different forms; the most basic is being able to use your sewing supplies like the needle and thread for mending clothes, adding buttons or making something creative.

If you're planning on advancing by buying a sewing machine, you will have to learn the basics on how to thread it and eventually utilize it for sewing.

Pattern Design

If you'd like to learn how to sew, one of the first things you should consider learning is pattern making. It will help as a guide to making the best styles you can ever imagine. For example, when making a skirt, it's advisable to make out the pattern designs, this way, you'll know exactly how you want your skirt to look like and how well it fits.

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Hand sewing experience differs. If you research the basic skills and understand the principles before starting, your learning pace becomes faster than others. Photo Credit: Freepik

Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery has been existing since forever. Now that people aren't paying so much attention to it, it can fetch you a lot of money because of its rareness especially as a tailor in Jos due to the fact that northerners love embroidery designs. It's the perfect skill needed to pass the time and meditate with. If you become very good at it, you may end up making some awesome designs!

Batik Making

Another skill worth learning! You may have encountered this or Adire making in your art class. Whatever the case, redesigning your fabrics can be a very refreshing activity. As a beginner, consider learning a recreation skill such as this. In the fashion design world, being able to make some amazing batik designs can get you a lot of clients. Even if you're just learning it as a hobby, it surely does make your outfit a lot more magical!

A sewing class can make all the difference. Going to a sewing workshop can also motivate you to learn more skills like hand-stitching, pattern drafting, and more which can help you on how to make your own outfits.

Sewing Tips For Beginners in Jos:

Learning sewing skills can be quite scary if you're not on the right path. You need to also understand that the pattern of learning is different. Some people are better at working with their hands and more crafty than others. So, it's important to be patient as you begin your journey in the fashion industry. If you'd like to thrive in fashion designing, you need to constantly practice and pick out enough time to prepare for them.

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We have listed below the most helpful tips from experienced teachers and designers which will guide you as a beginner on your first sewing classes:

Don't Forget Your Sewing Pins: As you're beginning sewing, don't forget your pins! They should be on your supply list as they are extremely important. Sewing pins help you when you're making patterns. They are used to hold the pattern to the fabric or the material together in preparation for sewing. They also help keep your fabrics in place for pressing and a lot more!

Understand Thread Weight: You should learn the rules surrounding thread weight. For instance, it's necessary to know that the higher the thread weight number, the thinner the thread. Sometimes, the thread weight is not always clearly recognised. So why is it important to have this in mind? It will help you determine the yarn you need to complete the project.

Be Aware Of Your Sewing Machine Feet: In case you didn't know, there is more than one machine foot! While there's an all-purpose foot that can be used for any occasion, certain feet like the edge stitch foot, the buttonhole foot, the clear sole foot and the zipper foot are used for peculiar tasks to increase your overall efficiency; usually needed during large sewing jobs.

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If you're confused or you need to clarify on a lot of terms, you should ask your sewing instructor or read articles that can help make understanding better. Photo Credit: Freepik

The Best Tailoring Schools Near Me

Taking sewing lessons will not only make understanding of sewing techniques better, but it will also improve your technical skills as you sew.

So, where can I find tailoring courses near me in Jos?

An option would be to learn online. One of the major sources is Youtube and it has thousands of sewing tutorials. You get to learn so many things like making a dress pattern amongst other things.

However, the downside to this is, assuming you have questions, you may not have someone who can answer you directly. Additionally, you may have to rely on your intuition or find a slightly experienced tailor if an online class doesn't have a continuation.

The second alternative is to find a brick and mortar Fashion sewing school in your area. Since in some situations, there are a lot of them, you should consider picking out the best.

How do I find the best?

Work with recommendations. Certainly, you would have a couple of people who have first-hand experience with the school(s) you have in mind. Make sure you ask the right questions and make your research before going.

In Jos, here are some suggested fashion schools:

The Fashion Academy Jos

The Fashion Academy offers courses in sewing and garment construction, fashion business and professional sewing techniques for people living in Jos. After your training, you will be given a design degree or certificate endorsing you as a professional fashion designer.

Wenasami Fashion School Jos

Wensami Fashion offers dressmaking classes and management courses designed to help you achieve a successful career in the fashion world. Additionally, you have access to a community of like minds where you can express your creativity in fashion freely.

A more personalised option is to source for a private sewing instructor in Jos that can teach you everything you need to know. The advantage of having one is that they will take their time in teaching you well enough. Additionally, your training is personalised; your tutor can work on your pace. Finding the right tutor can be a little stressful. This is why its advisable to use only certified platforms.

If you decide to choose a tutor under Superprof's platform, you have one hour free tutorials. This way, you get to know whether you can have a great rapport with your instructor.

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